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The Battlegroup42 team is greeting the community and is back with more news. We are of course busy working on our next version, 1.7 and there is already some new content. But in the time passed since the release of the latest patch we've spend most of the time working on other things which hadn't been paid much attention in the past.

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Most of you who visit the Battlegroup42 homepage regularly may have noticed already the changes we've made to it. Beside all the work on maps and models it was time to update the website software. We took the opportunity to also re-work the design a bit. If you like the old look better you can change the settings in your profile.

Also new on our website is the menu point "Encyclopaedia". We've been asked quite often about an overview of the vehicles contained in Battlegroup42. Such an overview is now available: The BG42 content list ! This first version is supposed to help map creators who want to create new maps for BG42. It contains all the vehicles, planes and stationary weapons featured in the current BG42 version, with its historical name and the object name which is used for it in the Battlecraft files. This list also features hints and tips about the historical usage and a timeline showing the service time of the object. Using this you can easily find out where and when the object was used during World War II.

This content list will be extended with a list of infantry firearms in the near future. A complete overview of all weapons and vehicles with screenshots, a short description and notes on where to find them on the maps is also in the works. As soon as this "vehicle reference guide" is finished we'll notice you about it.

What good would a Battlegroup42 news be without showing some new content ? This time we can present you two new planes. Again we managed to retire two old DICE models and replace them with two new models matching the current standard for BF models. They are both world famous planes and both of them had their own special impact on the course of the war: The P-51 Mustang, a superior fighter plane which played a major role in gaining Allied air supremacy over Europe. Our model was made by Clive Williams from AIX mod, we thank him very much for allowing us to use his model. The second plane is the Ilyushin IL-2, a sturdy ground attack aircraft which contributed at least as much as the T-34 tank to the victory of the Red Army on the Eastern Front. The new model was created by Petemonster (BSS/USI/EoD2) and comes from our sister mod Battlegroup Frontlines.

That's it for today from the Battlegroup42 team. As usual we want to point out that we are always looking for new team members. Everyone who wants to contribute something to the mod is welcome.


Nice work, i think your mod will get lots more downloads when they release BF1942 on Steam.

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