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Welcome back to another news update from the Battlegroup42 team. This time we are not telling you something about new vehicles or planes but a very enjoyable addition to the Battlegroup42 community: The German Wargamer Project (WGP) has decided to switch to Battlegroup42 as campaign mod, starting with the upcoming 12th campaign.

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For some years now the members of the Wargamer project have been playing campaigns based on Battlefield 1942. Each Sunday at 8 pm GMT+1 the members meet on the WGP server and in TeamSpeak to fight the battle for world domination on the game's maps. This includes a simple economy system with industry points for the countries you own or conquer, allowing you to purchase a plane, tank or bunker in the next battle. Because of that each battle, although played on the same maps, is different from the others and offers changing tactical challenges. The 11th campaign has just ended with a victory of the united axis forces and a new one is to begin soon.

As you know the original Battlefield 1942 game doesn't offer a large variety of vehicles, planes, weapons and maps. Additionally most of the maps have no tactical challenges. It's impossible to fight real dogfights with the planes, impossible to fight long distance battles with tanks and infantry men because of the strange behaviour of the handweapons. But this is going to change! Behind the scenes talks between the Battlegroup42 team and WGP had been going on for months now to answer the question if and how Battlegroup42 could be used as a campaign. After a testing phase the WGP members have decided to use BG42. WGP is now going to create a minimod which is based on Battlegroup42, containing campaign-specific changes. This has the advantage that campaign players don't need to change their installation of Battlegroup42 and the patchfiles for single battles only apply for the minimod. That way they can still play Battlegroup42 on public servers without having to remove the patch files.

Battlegroup42 offers a huge pool of vehicles, planes, ships and firearms, making it simply ideal for a campaign. An overview can be found in the content list of our encyclopaedia which has just been enhanced with a list of infantry firearms. Our big and high quality map pool guarantees a lot of variation and suspense, be it in the moderate climate of Middle Europe, the hot deserts of Africa, the cold snow of Russia or the tropical regions of the Pacific. The Battlegroup42 team recommends all BG42 fans to join the new WGP campaign with BG42. You can sign up on the WGP Website:

We're closing this news with a little candy for you: In the past we've been asked again and again about new testmaps. Due to the ever increasing vehicle pool the old map was no longer suited. Senshi from WGP created new test maps for the WGP members which he kindly donated to BG42. Sarge Surfat edited them to BG42 standards, enabling the team to offer you these maps as a mappack download. You can find it in our download section. We are also very proud to announce Senshi as a new team member of Battlegroup42. He will take care of our weapon animations from now on and is already working on several projects.

That's it for today. Next time we'll tell you what our modellers have done in the meantime. so stay tuned and visit our website regularly. Supporters and team members are always welcome.

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