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Greetings to the community we are back with another news update to show you more new additions for Battlegroup42. The new version of Battlegroup42 (1.6) is almost finished, the whole team is very busy testing and just like our fans we hardly can wait for this version to be released and to play it with as many of you as possible.

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At this point we can tell you that a little surprise happened in the last minute, that we have integrated into the build immediately. But more of that in the next news - today we´ll concentrate on more new models and take you to the skies !

That´s right, our focus for today is on planes again. We were again able to salvage some content from BGF and convert it to BG42, some of it wasn´t finished yet. Let´s start with the Russian Polikarpov I-16, a fighter plane from the 1930s with a revolutionary design. It was the world's first cantilever-winged monoplane fighter with retractable landing gear. At the beginning of the German attack on Russia the I-16 formed the backbone of the Russian fighter squadrons with almost 8000 machines. It already met its German counterparts during the Spanish Civil War in 1937 where it competed against the early Messerschmitt Bf 109 models and proved to be a worthy opponent, sometimes even superior to the 109. But in 1941 the I-16 had to fight against the improved and more powerful Bf 109-E to which it was inferior and obsolete. Nevertheless some of the I-16 pilots managed to use the enormous agility of the plane to outmanoeuvre and shoot down their opponents. Starting in 1943 it was withdrawn from front line duty and replaced by more modern fighter planes.

Our model represents the Type 24, the most common and most powerful I-16 type and is armed with two machine-guns and two 20mm cannons. It was modelled by Robur and skinned by Tomcraft both from BGF. As a special eye candy our team member RuppDee gave it a new, detailed cockpit.

And while we´re talking about the Messerschmitt Bf 109 - the model we were using in prior builds was based on the original DICE model. Except the Bf 109 E on early maps it is now replaced by two completely new models which were modelled and skinned by Postman: Bf 109 F and Bf 109 G. Postman created skins for all theatres in which they are used. Historical informations on this plane can be found on our website in the articles section.

This also applies to our last new addition for today, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190. We were able to replace our old model with a beautifully modelled plane from Jammer´s workshop. Postman supplied the different skins while RuppDee finished the cockpit which was only available as a model without unwrap and skin.

Before we reach the end of this news we want to point out again at the videos from our team member Scottsman. On you can find new or updated videos showing you not only content of the current version 1.51 but also of the new version 1.6. So why not subscribe this channel? As usual, we´re on the lookout for new team members, especially modellers and skinners. If you´re interested please visit our site at


woot, can't wait to try them out

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Really nice work. I wish you would port this mod to BF2.

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Thx ! :)

Sry, no chance !
If we port BG42 to another engine it would be definitly a newer one (f.e. BF:BC2). Modding for BF2 sucks (extremely time-consuming, many things hardcoded) and only a fraction amount of players plays mods besides PR (FH2 have ~70 players/day). Some of our new models are backported from Battlegroup:Frontlines for BF2 ;)

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