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Long time awaited game for every battlefield series fan provides us with stunning news every time we've a chance to read them. What have we got now? Read the following to find out.

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Battlefield 3 jet screen

Earlier this week Battlefield 3 developers encouraged players by telling that every current gen gaming platform (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) is going to get a server browser, giving the players a good possibility to select an appropriate game.

However, for PC gamers everything isn't so rosy. On Battlefield blog and DICE's twitter you can find an information that server browser will be available only to console versions.

Even more, Battlefield 3 PC isn't going to have a classic menu. It's going to be replaced by web service - Battlelog. You'll be able to launch Single, Coop and Multiplayer games only from the Battlelog, where you'll find a server browser for MP. On the good side, we won't have to watch the intro nor wait for too long for actual game to start. But on the other view - you'll have to either close or minimize the game to change a server.

Console games also will support the Battlelog service, which is going to provide gamers with detailed statistics of your achievements, inform about friends progress and so on, but players will be able to change servers in traditional way.

To be honest, I've tried the alpha version of game. Battlelog was already implemented and it worked really fast, so I'm not disappointed at all.

Battlefield 3 is expected to be released on October 25th, 2011.

atikabubu - - 371 comments

Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is say!

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yamen21 - - 554 comments

from people who tried it, i have heard nothing but good stuff. so im looking forward to seeing how it will work. some are saying this is faster than actual ingame menues.

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DedMustDie Author
DedMustDie - - 693 comments

it actually worked faster than bc2.

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pandemic--hour - - 1,533 comments

Yeah my friend told me about it and he was pretty happy about it

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powercramp - - 1,005 comments

Why do we have to minimize the game every ****** time we're shifting server!? It's just dumb and absurd. I don't see the reasoning behind this at all, if not to **** people off... Wich seems to be the current policy of EA -.-

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