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Developers of BattleMechHanger.Com total BattleTech Conversion Mod for the BattleField 2142 Game Engine released information to their Closed Alpha Testers on a playable Alpha Client version .02 This total BattleTech Conversion mod client release has the newly integrated ShadowCat BattleMech for Closed Alpha Testing. Version .03 is currently in the works which will integrate new replacement content like the Mannable Coliope Missile Turret, Attack Hovercrafts, Aero Space Assets and much more.

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Information on downloading and installing the MOD is available in the Battlemech Hanger Closed Alpha section of the forums. You will also find a link for the download, the beta server IP with password, and the relevant Team Speak server information. People will be available on Team Speak to help you with any problems you might have. The BHM "beta" server will be running the MOD. If you are a registered Alpha Tester, log in and check the client out! If you have not yet registered for the Alpha test please do so at as there are still spots available. We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you, the Battletech community!

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