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I decided to release v7.8 via my personal ftp as well, so the users wont have to go through the complicated patching process. Simply log into my ftp with the provided link, and download the full 7.8 Release, which is the latest version, and probably last untill I can get some more help or decide to dig deeper into the mod for more detail. Enjoy -ss.

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hey, this is my mod for battlefield 2 I made, it is a single player mod for battlefield 2 that respecs the game to be realistic and massive, up to 255 bots, with full difficulty slider, weapons packed into each class, realistic weapons, custom skins, realistic great sounding sounds, enhanced explosion effects, accuracy tweaks, 128 size maps, prepare for realistic single player "Total War" :)

To install this place the "BF2_Total_War_Realism" Folder in your C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/Mods Directory, or wherever your BF2/Mods Directory is installed.

Mod is ready to play now, make sure you make shortcuts to play with though, there should be 2 required shortcuts, and 3 optional ones,

BF2SP Bot Changer v2.1 create shortcut for this tool to change amounts of bots and thier difficulty for singleplayer.

BF2SP Total War Realism Mod , create shortcut on desktop and the paremeters should look like this

Target: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/BF2_Total_War_Realism

Start in: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2"

Change icon to the twrm icon, looks good.

Now the BF2 Mod shortcut is done,

Now there are 3 optional exe's inside the mod folder, for Server Settings, there are total war realism default settings, for best experience, battlefield 2 default settings for the original settings, and total war realism search and destroy settings, for hardcore no spawning etc. there is also a bf2 easy settings that makes it have NO Spawntimes , FF, Etc. - TWRM 7.8 Full Release - Full Changelog of TWRM.

Enjoy! -ss. :smilegrin:

pass: (no password)

I see the forums/ftp has been shut down...
So you may download from my filefront page,

P.S. If you want to register on my personal forums for my personal ftp to join my little community, looking for forum members to share my stuff with, register @


I am not sure where to place this so, please, anyone may redirect it to the appropriate area.

This concerns TWR and Win7.

I had great difficulty installing and getting TWR8.0 et al to function properly. I guess it's all from my lack of knowledge for a new OS as I worked for years with Pro64. To outline and perhaps assist any Win7 users having problems and to prevent anyone from quitting this marvelous mod over frustration:

Win7 has the service Desktop Window Manager (find in Computer Management, Services) and an associated service UxS.. (find in Task Manager, Services)and relate to the AERO features. I learned that after notified "Desktop Manger has stopped working and will close" a multitude of times. It was generally found to have gone CTD between loading Objects just prior to loading Animations.

I researched and found they cause problems for some games and one helpful post was to disable them so I did. That helped for a short period before the game again went CTD. There may be no need to disable those functions.

Win7 may or may not notify "did not install properly" and if you select "run under recommended settings" you sit through the entire process again, zzzzzzzzz. If you are not notified you may actually have to run the install process again after a period of arghhh, wtf happened.

Long to short, found a poster advising to go gamewanted.exe,(prefererably the install.exe), Properties, Compat tab, (the modified compat mode may/not be checked already, WinXPSvcPack3 probably best choice)check run as admin, AND: check Disable Desktop Composition, Disable Visual Themes, Disable Run high DPI settings.

Be sure to follow up and check these proprties after install and before playing.

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Addendum to above (2000 character restriction):

Additionally, I found a problem with the Easy setting program. It locked up not only TWR but ALL BF2 maps (POE, OPK, AIX, et al) at the main map screen and prior to Team/Weapon selection.

Resetting Default did not solve the problem. After the 2nd reinstall I learned to avoid Easy (perhaps prophetic).

Hopefully my experience will help someone.

Overall, I have found this mod to be the best out there. Accuracy and hit registration is superb and the sniper weapons function as they should. If BF2 Vanilla had only started as such.

Now if someone could help getting my Extreme 3D Pro to fly right ...

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He he, a lot of typing.

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