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Battle Corp's prototype can now be downloaded in the download section. Details on how to play inside.

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The prototype requires two players currently.

Player 1 is the host, the host must has port 10009 forwarded via their firewall/router/etc in order to play outside of their localhost. Currently this port can only be changed in the source code but soon I will have it in some sort of option.

Once you "Host and Join" a game as player one, you will get to pick your mech and tile set. The tile set is purely cosmetic. There are 3 types of mechs with 2 "skins" currently. The final game will have many more mechs with better art overall and a bunch of more types. Once you pick your type you will be in a waiting for players state (should have 1 out of 2).

Player 2 will simply click join game. Once they do they can specify the IP or perhaps domain name (have only had this work on occasion). Player 2 will pick their tile set and mech as player 1 did. Once Player 2 connects the game for player 1 will start without player 2 finishing their selection on the mech and tile set screen. This means that player 1 will have to be patient and wait for player 2 to finish picking before attacking them on the first turn.

7/4 UI Update Screenshot with UI

Attacking: To your right you have a list of weapons and a fire button. Weapons can be fired all at once, simply click all the fire buttons next to the weapons you wish to use then click the mech you wish to use them on. This is usually the enemy mech. Currently there is no reason you shouldn't be firing all the weapons you can. In the final release there will be a heat system in which provides a risk of blowing up.

Display Mech: Clicking on a mech without clicking on a fire button will display the mechs health to the right.

Moving/Facing Direction: The green area the expands out around your mech is your movement area. Clicking within the green area will cause your mech to move. After your move you may need to click a facing direction to be able to fire. If you are unsure of the angle you can click a fire button next to a weaker weapon and see if you can hit the enemy. Then use the rest of your weapons on the enemy if you can.

Screenshot Linux Compatable.

Looking for a linux version? This is ready to go but my porter is currently out. If you are interested in compiling the game let me know. Contact information below.

Features will be added in future releases. Please keep in mind that this is not an alpha or a beta, this is a prototype to try out a few ideas I had. Let me know what you think about it, leave a comment, email me (admin[at] or message me on steam

Thank you for your time.

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