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Battle Splash entered its 2nd Alpha Stage, with ton of bug fixes and improvements.

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Battle Splash Pre-Alpha 2

Battle Splash Pre-Alpha 2 is here, with many bug fixes and improvements for more engaging and intense Water Fight! Many visual fixes and improvements were added, as well as sounds and early music for the game. Go ahead and Check it out!

Battle Splash Pre Alpha 2 (Nex Gen v 1.657)

If you wish to share your Battle Splash's moment or just want to discuss more about the game, you can visit Battle Splash's Reddit here:
/r Battle Splash

Also, if you want to follow my development process or just want to support my game, you can visit my Patreon page:
Battle Splash on Patreon

Thank you very much for your support!

Release Notes:


  • - AI: Improved AI's path finding to reduce AI gets stuck.
  • - AI: Added Simple Adaptive AI, now they can evaluate player's performance and adjusted their behavior accordingly. It's still a WIP, but proved to be promising.
  • - Animation: Added/Improved some animations for characters.
  • - Animation: Hair now can be affected by Wind, for better visual feedback.
  • - Audio: GUI now will play sounds.
  • - Audio: Added Menu Music and Gameplay Music.
  • - Audio: Added Simple Music Director. This system will adapt to player's performance in order to match the overall ambient of the fight.
  • - Game Mechanics: Added some Camera Angles for Observing other player. Press "Space" ("Jump") while in Observe mode to change Camera Angle.
  • - Network: Smoother network game. It's still a WIP but after some tests, it proved to be significantly better than the previous one.
  • - Visual: Added motion blur for better visual feedback.
  • - Visual: Retouched the Trail-effect of all Water Balloon for better visual feedback.
  • - Visual: Retouched the Splash-effect for better visual feedback.


  • - Game Mechanics: Re-Balancing some weapons and characters' stats.
  • - Game Mechanics: Increase the overall difficulty for the AI.
  • - HUD: Changed Teammate Indicator and Wet Indicator. It should be clearer from now on.
  • - HUD: Changed the HUD for better understanding the game's mechanics and improving performance.


  • - Animation: Fix some "crispy" hair, expected to be smoother hair and better visual feedback.
  • - Audio: Fixed some loud/annoying Footsteps.
  • - Graphics: Added DX9 Single-threaded Rendering Launcher for older Computer Rig (\w Intel Graphics Cards). Use this launcher to start the game in DX9 if it crashes.
  • - Visual: Fixed and reduced Camera clipping.

Known Issues:

  • - Gameplay: Spawning too many characters at the same time might cause FPS hiccup.
  • - Graphics: DX11 might cause crashes for older system with/without Integrated Graphics Cards (Intel and such). If crash occurs, use the DX9 Launcher to start the game.
  • - GUI: There are some problems with the scroll rect, but they are not really affecting the overall experience.
  • - Network: When connecting to a server which has many players playing on it, the game might Not Responding for a long time. Please be patient.
  • - Start-up: The game might take a long time to load (Not Responding) the first time. Please be patient.
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