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Beta 0.5 version is now taking shape with new designs and characters, new atmosphere and weather, and also taking shape with new heroes! Like Prime Matron here created by dickxunder in ModelWarehouse! nice model!

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Battle of The Ancients 0.5 Beta is now coming this October 30! And it would be a changer in our games!

Battle of The Ancients Wallpaper 2 Battle of The Ancients Wallpaper 1

- New heroes like Prime Matron, Alteramus, Helljammer, etc.
- From Winter to Spring
- New items to be created like the Masonry's Etherials, etc.
- New Armory and other non-buildable items.
- New neutral creeps.
- New skills like Ion Beam, Dark Intentions, Dark Ritual, etc.
- Putting the OMG!, First Blood audios in-sync with the text.
- Hero AI is still in debugging stage so no AI yet.
- More scripts.
- Debugged other performance bugs, and lagger bugs.
- Enjoy!

Let the power of the Lich King in Prime Matron empower the new world of WarCraft!
Let there be no mercy!
Kill them all!

Thanks to ModelWarehouse for some of my models, and their modellers and modders!! TY! :)

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