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Hello players! The BoTA development team has just announced that BoTA 1.51 is now confirmed now! It is now almost complete!

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The BoTA 1.51 (The Easter Egg Addon and Bug Fix) is now confirmed, and almost ready to download!

Features Added:
- New Heroes, New Skills
(Tinker, Alchemist, Muradin, Akama, Firelord, and Malakath)
- *Fixed Alled Creeps skills against Neverbane creeps.
- Plus the Easter Egg! (Pretty much a wrong month to put an easter egg.)
(Find the Easter Egg! Then when you got there pick any of the three ways, then snapshot your picked way! The most picked way will be the next map environment for version 2.0!)

Not yet implemented, but part of game's commands:
The AI - sv.aion will randomly make a random hero per computer controlled player.

So now! Lets battle!

But right now you can still download version 1.50!
Battle of The Ancients 1.50 (Build 10.5)

1.5 Map Fix

Battle of The Ancients 1.50 Fix
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