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This update includes improvements to the way matches begin, end, and reset as well as several bug fixes and AI updates.

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It's been a busy few weeks but I'm finally finished with this set of updates! They include mostly improvements to how rounds begin and are reset. I'm also hoping that these changes will increase stability over the long term as it performs a harder reset after a round ends. Bot AI has been updated as well to more intelligently choose which sectors to jump to - favoring those with more resources and choosing the enemy home sector more often with larger ships in order to execute a win.

As I can no longer guarantee that I can participate in the weekly playtests (other commitments get in the way) I'm going to no longer have them regularly scheduled. Instead, when I feel the need to I'll make a post on the main website ( as to when it will be. Expect it to be a little more infrequent but the 24/7 server will still be running and as always I appreciate any feedback with or without other people playing.

Here's a quick list of changes:

  • The round begin timer starts longer but gets reduced for each player that joins.
  • When a round begins, the sectors are no longer regenerated.
  • When a round is reset, it reloads a whole new map instead of just generating new sectors.
  • Player ships now freeze at the end of a round.
  • Bots now choose sectors based on resources and are more likely to jump to the enemy home with larger ships.
  • Darkened scoreboard background to make it easier to see.
Alpha 0.4.4
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