This is a battle between the Eastern Empire and the Wolfborn factions and it is also the first public beta of Dragonborn! It features a historical battle as well as custom battle free-play!

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay uploading this here. I've been really busy as of late, but fear not! A demo for Dragonborn is finally here!

Take a look :)


Haagen Pike image

FOR PEOPLE NEW TO DRAGONBORN: Peek here if you want a little more background


HERE we release the first Dragonborn Playable Battle; the
Historical Battle of Haagen Pike. Involving the Wolfborn and forces of
the Eastern Empire, it is a vicious fight to the death on a long
forgotten hilltop 3 miles distant from the now burning wooden keep of
Haagen Pike, established as a beaconwatch against the depredations of
the Wolfborn raiders.

Whilst in the past it had served it's purpose, it was never built to
hold against a serious, determined, assault. The Great Jarle Vulpire
Kraakenveil had left just such a force; thousands of WOlfborn has sailed
from the WOlve Isles to the very edge of the Eatern Empire's eastern
coasts, to plunder, burn, kill and take from the weak Imperial seed.

Elsewhere, the world was in turmoil. The Federation had assaulted the
Eastern EMpire in the SOuth two weeks ago, and the fighting was fierce,
dragging many of the Legions to hold against a massive force that had
torn through the basic border defences with undenaiable ease.

To the north and west, Ashapur, in direct alliance with the Federal
Council, had moved three armies, to strike into the provinces of the Myr
Addat, Acasarena and Atakash. Their intial probes had gone well, and
the EMpire was calling in the reserves of even distant provinces of
Duinir and Dalthrasia. ALong the roads from Telmior, chariots led
companies of horse and foot, hurrying to smash the hosts of Ashapur in a
swift and decisive counter attack.

It had taken a month, and a great deal of patience, for the Federal
diplomats to bring the WOlfborn into the war, but they had finally
succeeded, and the Jarles had set forth with a massive fleet, to raid
the coasts and strike deeper where the Legions had been withdrawn. The
Great Jarle, of course, has made his mind up in mere minutes, but it
wouldn't do to let these popinjays know that. It was far more amusing to
see them swweat for their alliance, to scrape and bow to him, and,
finally, to offer far more than even he had hoped.


We listened!! The first battle is between Wolfborn/Eastern EMpire, and it IS a corker!! NOTE it is under single player>historical battles>Haagen Pike, PLUS you can use the units in custo abttles freely.

There is NO permission to use any of our stuff I'm afraid, except to the few people who don't need to ask, but will cos they're nice!



DOwnload the archived file 'Dragonborn' from HERE

I have paid for a Premium account so you can get it with ease rather than mess about and get frustrated SO, it should download unlimited concurrent downloads and should give high bandwidth to you all. Say 'thank you Squeak, you are wonderful indeed....a veritable legend, in fact!'. Or not, of course

Now, for those that know these things, it's simple indeed. Just download, unrar/zip the modfolder and stick the Dragonborn folder from INSIDE the folder created when unzipping into your mods root folder in other words, it's fully modfoldered

SO, you have a scenario where you have 2 armies facing off against one another.

The EMpire begin with their full army on board. They have to destroy ALL wolfborn to win.

WOlfborn begin with veterans, exotics and elites on the map, but the Reivers are marching hard from the sacking of Haagen POike and arrive in two waves of reinforcements. They CAN win by killing the Imperial General! It's more fun to kill ALL of them though!

Bear in mind with the WOlfborn that the Wyndlin Firs have ALREADY outflanked the EMpire...don't forget about them...they're nasty!!

I do hop you enjoy the battle. The team has worked very hard in order to make this mod happen, and we still have a long way before we are done.

So please tell us what you think and give us your opinions.

Have fun,
The Holy Pilgrim

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