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The push towards release continues for Batch 17 as a whole host of new models, animations, sounds and improved controls and systems are completed.

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Batch 17: The seventeen stands for 2017!

As in, boy I hope it releases this year

It has been a few months since the last update of the game when I told everyone about our concept artists and modelers working furiously on updating the games graphics. As we implement more and more of the updated graphics we hew closer and closer to the concept art.

Check out some progress!

In addition to all this, I've replaced the camera with a AAA quality third person controller, streamlined the animations, implemented A* pathfinding (ditching navmeshes) and completely rewrote AI to be more modular.
As if that wasn't enough I wrote my own dialog system that allows me to lay out areas, sub areas, characters and all that characters dialog and quest functionality. This allows me to build the characters for the game completely in the cloud and the game will self configure.
Here's what that looks like

We're continuing to work towards more concept art but I have to be kinda secretive since there are a few spoilers around, but check out some new structural art:

Without further ado - take a look at a lot of our updated screenshots

Palm Isle: A dusty desert asteroid

Interiors: Close quarters combat & puzzles

Ares: The barren rock

Jungle: Their Earliest Terraforming Success

Thera: An unstable volcanic timebomb

We are on Twitter so please visit us there to give us a follow!
Till next time guys!
- Lucidz


Cool to see some more progress, especially the concept art. You need some level artists and designers though. Those levels need some work.

Also you should post a video of the new character controller. The old one always looked pretty janky.

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baffledmedia Author

Thank you for the comment. All these levels are WIP.

Also if you know any level designers send them my way. I've been trying for months to hire one.

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