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See the Drovoid UI in action, and learn the basics of ship construction! The UI is designed for easy and quick ship construction, and easy navigation in space.

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This shows the basics of the Drovoid UI and the basics of ship construction:

In Drovoid ships can only be spawned within your space gates. The gate is the strangely shaped orange module in the middle of the screen. More gates can be created later, of course. If you lose all your gates, the game is over.

Ships can be quickly created and launched in space, but can also be saved for later use. This database of already created ship acts as your 'experience' in the game: The saved designs are kept between different sessions, and between solo and multiplayer. However, ships have different levels, and you can only launch ships matching your level in the current game session.

I designed the UI to be both simple and efficient to use in game. There are many shortcuts, such as the small labels that let you go from one ship to another, shown at the end of the video. When you have tens of ships around this becomes very important. There are also keyboard shortcuts, but I'll go into details in a later video.

This video showcases only very basic ship construction. I'll create a series of tutorials on every aspect of designing ships (power, logic, weapons and damage). But as you can see here, building ships is very simple and accessible.

About asteroid fields: Small fields are protected by small, rather stupid enemy ships. However, larger asteroid fields are much better guarded!

Stay tuned for more videos!

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