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This week I managed to get all the basic TSO UI elements reverse engineered off the client, and integrated back in to the emulator. Here you can see the login/world selection/auto updater utilities all working perfectly.

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Hey guys!

This week I managed to get a number of the original UI elements from TSO/EA-Land (including the login system, the world selection interface and the auto-updater utility) reverse engineered off the TSO client and then reintegrated into the emulator. The updater utility is actually fully functional and is capable of updating the client files with files on a specified server. The login page is also (partially) functional and connects to a placeholder database for storing all of the player accounts and login details. The world selection interface still needs quite a bit of work. Here's a quick video showing all of that off anyway:

So, as you can see, a lot of progress is being made on the emulator, but seeing as though I'm pretty much the only person working on it right now (there are a few people helping me here and there), and considering that I'm a little bit time constrained right now, I may go on the hunt for new programmers/general developers shortly. Contact me if you might be interested!

As ever, if you want more information on the TSO Emu project, want to catch the latest development news as it happens or want to talk about TSO Emu with fellow enthusiasts, you can always visit our website/forums at


OMG Nice!! If you ever need like an extra server to test this on I'm more than happy to help! E-Mail me at richardmuthwill [at] hotmail [dot] com with the subject sims online and I'll be in touch!

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