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All Allied units, buildings, support powers, and a single upgrade. On the image, you can see the Allied logo and the flag that shows up when you select them in skirmish games. Those orange stripes aen't part of it, but it was the only decent, large enough image I could find, and they make the image sort of unique.

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First a note, nearly all (maybe 1 or 2 not) units that already existed are changed in someway, an most of the times more then just a graphic change. For example, GI's are now really anti-infantry and not anti Apocalypse Tank units when deployed and massed. They also aren't good against buildings anymore. Speaking about buildings, all basic infantry, anti-tank infantry, and anti-air infantry with ranged attack (so the Brute can't for example) can garrison buildings. And, basic buildings like Construction Yard's and Power Plant's and Battle Lab's and such have all recieved a massive armor boost (and defences like Pillboxes a small one), so rushes are viable, especially Engineer rushes, but you will need to use more then 4 tanks if you want to win. Another note, under the buildings tab (here, not in the game) I've only described the attacking defences. You should know though, that Robot Control Center's don't exist any more and that Sattelite Uplink's (using the image of Robot Control Center's) function as a radar. A radar and an aircraft producing building are thus 2 different structures. Here's how the tech tree works:

Construction Yard
Power Barracks
Ore Refinery War Factory Naval Yard
Radar Tower Service Depot
Airfield Economical
Battle Lab

So, from a Construction Yard you build a Power Plant or a Barracks, once you have a ower Plant you can build an Ore Refinery, and once you have a Barracks you can build a War Factory or a Naval Yard. If you have a War Factory, you can build the Repair Service Depot, and once you have both an Ore Refinery and a War Factory, you can build a Radar Tower. if you only have a Radar Tower you can build an Airfield, and if you only have a Repair Service Depot, you can build your sides economical structure, like the Industrial Plant. Note that Yuri's side is a bit different, as they don't have a Repair Service Depot. The Slayers replace this by a Grinder and don't have an economical structure, and the Loyalists can build a Cloning Vats after they have a Battle Lab. Now, if you have an Airfield, you can build a Battle Lab, and that's it. Maybe it will change slightly, but this will probably be the final tech tree. Of course, all sides have different names for some structures, but I'm using the Red Alert 2 names (with the exception of the Aircraft Command HQ here, as that is to long, so I just used Airfield). Now, on to the Allied units & buildings. And a single upgrade for the Patriot Missile Installation, as unupgraded anti-air buildings can't hit bombers like Kirov's or Bio Bomber's. For that, they need an upgrade that is for all sides different but has exactly the same effect.


-Attack Dog
-Navy SEAL
-Chrono Legionnaire

-Grizzly Battle Tank
-Grizzly Guardian Tank
-Prism Tank
-Mirage Tank
-Battle Fortress
-MG Bot
-Cannon Bot
-Chorno Miner

-Stealth Fighter

-Guard Tower
-Patriot Missile Installation
-Prism Tower

-Laser Guidance

-Allied Infantry drop
-Allied Tank drop
-Sattelite Scan
-Weather Storm



Costs: $200
Requires: Boot Camp
Weapons & Equipment: M60, lightweight sandbags
GI's are the basic infantry of the Allies. Strong and well equipped, GI's can deal some damage to other infantry with their M60, however, they are quite inaccurate. GI's, however, carry sandbags to hide behind, and to set their weapon up. As such, they have far more control over their gun and can fire much faster and accurater.

Costs: $300
Requires: Boot Camp, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Falcon Enigma (can switch between a Skyguarder-F or a F60, and can spawn metal plates too)
GGI's, or Guardian GI's, are truly that. They were first seen with heavy Skyguarder-3's, that fired damaging missiles at hostile aircraft. These missile launchers were too heavy to carry around. Doctor Robert Falcon however, recently began supplying GGI's with special M60 like guns (called Falcon Enigma's) that behave quite like the GI's one, although with slight modifications. these modifications were made so that, with the help of recent technological advancements, the gun can tranform itself into a Skyguarder-F, the F coming from Robert Falcon, but it behaves just like the Skyguarder-3. GGI's have one drawback though, their machine guns deal narly no damage to vehicles or buildings, and their Skyguarder's can only target aircraft, making them vulnerable to vehicles. Luckily, doctor Falcon has created a special abbility on his Falcon Enigma, besides that it can switch between a special M60 (called the F60, again, the F comes from Robert Falcon) and a Skyguarder-F, as the Falcon Enigma has an invisible laser that will materialize metal plates nearly instantly upon activated. GGI's are trained to do this automatically once equipping their Skyguarder's. Much like the GI with his sandbags, GGI's deploy those metal plates around theirselves, making them uncrushable by vehicles.

Costs: $400
Requires: Boot Camp, Mechanizations Center
Weapons & Equipment: Sidewinder
Sidewinder's are tough soldiers, armed with heavy rocket launchers (although lighter then those of the GGI). Sidewinder's carry old Sidewinder's, and they were primarily used in the first great war. Sidewinder's were recently upgraded though, and now they prove to be quite good against enemy vehicles again, and their wight has been drastically decreased too. If one could find a way to make Skyguarder's able to target ground targets, and make them a bit lighter, vehicles would be destroyed instantly, but until that time, the good old Sidewinder has to do the job.

Attack Dog
Costs: $200
Requires: Boot Camp
Weapons & Equipment: Sharp teeth, microchip that shows the dog on the radar, enhances awareness, reaction, and speed, and has maybe other purposes too
The Allies were the first one to use animals in the army, and while quite strange, these dog's aren't ordinary dog's. They can sniff out Spies, detect hidden units, and are very efefctive at slaughtering soldiers. It is rumored that these dog's have implants or other modifications to make them do exactly as their commander tells them to do, but Allied commanders assure us everytime it isn't true. It must be noted, however, that a Tesla Trooper of the Soviet army, upon killing a dog, found that large parts of the body were metal like (he detected this due to his electric weaponry). This Tesla Trooper was killed shrotly after that however, and only the Conscript that accompanied him lived to tell the tale, but Attack Dog's refused to attack Tesla Trooper's after this incident. Also, dog's can't be mind controlled, and since Yuri's soldiers can mind control other animals, it seems that the mind of these dog's have indeed been altered.

Costs: $500
Requires: Boot Camp
Weapons & Equipment: Suitcase with all kinds of things, like a wrench, a pipe, a minimap of the battlefield, an intelligent AI that advises the Engineer, etc
I've got the knowledge! That's for sure, Engineer's are very smart guys. They aren't armed with weapons, and also don't have any body armor, but they can repair buildings and bridges instantly, or take buildings over instantly for that matter. How they can kill all people inside a building and take it over for their own team, no one knows, but they appear kind and fearfull of the enemy while on the battlefield...Some Conscript's have once reported that the entire crew was tortured and choked to death, but how would one do that in less then half a second?

Costs: $1000
Requires: Boot Camp, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Personal modified MP5, personal modified pack of C4, tons of varrying munition (9mm, etc), optimized wetsuit that dries itself
SEAL's are the elite soldiers who still use conventional weapons, and therefor only require an Aircraft Command HQ to be present. Although normally dropped into hostile territory for infiltration missions, SEAL's can be used quite efefctively on the battlefield in the open. Their special MP5 was modified since the war against Yuri, and now SEAL's are good against enemy infantry and enemy vehicles, opposed to being only good against enemy infantry. It doesn't stop there, however. SEAL's can use water to their advantage, to sneak into enemy bases, where they can plant C4's that instantly dstroy any building they're attached to. Yes, SEAL's are on of the few soldiers that can swim effectively with all those heavy weapons, body armor, and a shitload of munition. And not to mention their C4's, which are really modified C4's, just like their MP5. A SEAL Commander often modifies the weapons of his SEAL's personally, and SEAL Commander's that modify weapons to get much better weapons also often get a nice award, making missions with more then one SEAL team not only a fight against the enemy, but also a (friendly) fight against the other team or teams.

Costs: $600
Requires: Boot Camp, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Optimized jetpack with built in machine guns (2)
Rocketeer's fly above the battlefield, and are very vulnerable. However, from their high position they can easily spot enemies and rain lead on them with their twin machine guns, fitted into their jetpack's.

Chrono Legionnaire
Costs: $1000
Requires: Boot Camp, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: Personal chrono device with attached Vapor Vanisher (that's the only known name for its weapon, given by a French GI)
Chrono Legionnaire's don't walk, run, or crawl. No, they use special, personal chrono devices to teleport around the battlefield. Their weapon is also unique, for they have a strange, large gun that fires white beams that seem to live on their own. These beams can quickly erase units or buildings, literally. Chrono Legionnaire's are however, very vulnerable when phasing in, for they can't do anything while they materialize on their new location. Enemies however, can kill them easily.

Costs: $1000
Requires: Boot Camp, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: Wodka Martini, cool sunglasses, 1001 disguises, rubber shoes, smell masker, meat for dogs
Spies can be simple businessmen who don't have anything to do with the war, or they can be Conscript's, newly recruited in the Soviet army. Maybe they are even Boris, who knows? Spies have a way of acquiring various disguises, and you'll see that they have every possible disguis you can think of. Spies can do many things, like sabotaging the enemies' power, or stealing training programs so you can train your own units better. Maybe you can even combine the enemies' technology with your own, to create a new unique tool of destruction...Note that dogs can smell Spies, people claim that's because Spies use smell maskers, and dogs smell that, but surely the Allies aren't that stupid? Others claim it is because Spies always have the traditional Wodka Martini hidden in its clothes, but that is a necessary toy. It contains some drugs that lets the drinker go in a sleepy stage, in which they don't realize anything, and they also won't remember anything when they're normal again. Further, the drinker will speak the truth if anything is asked to him. Spies use this to get their hands on all kinds of intelligence. For now, the Allies haven't found a way to create a better version of this drugs, that doesn't needs to be mixed with water or something.

Costs: $1500
Weapons & Equipment: 2 personal, deadly accurate pistols, lightweight but heavy body armor, a ton of C4's, a personal wetsuit
Requires: Boot Camp, Tech Center
Tanya is the hero of the Allies, and the only female infantry of the Allies. She likes to be on her own, and does so greatly. Her 2 pistols can accurately kill any infantry over decent ranges, with a fast firing rate. She can also easily swim with all of her weapons, including her C4's which she can now throw over some distance. She can easily blow up vehicles and buildings this way, and runs faster then ever. Tanya's special armor prevents her from being mind controlled, and makes her immune to the lethal effects of radiation. She has limited medical skills, enough to allow her to heal herself when necessary, and she is a master at detecting Spies and other disguised infantry. Even invisible infantry doesn't escape her gaze, so watch out for her. You don't want to end on her bad side.


Grizzly Battle Tank
Costs: $700
Requires: Mechanizarions Center
Weapons & Equipment: Comfortable sitting space for passengers, 105mm shells
Grizzly Battle Tank's are cheaper and faster then Soviet Rhino Heavy Tank's, but they also have less armor, and deal less damage then those Soviet tank's. Grizzly Battle Tank's can often been seen guarding bases, outposts, or border perimeters. They are also occasionally used as support for larger attack forces. With a new war arives a new problem however, military personnel. Often, soldiers are just thrown into the open, left to their own devices. Needless to say, most of them died. Now, the Allies (and most of the factions) have realised the importance of good infantrymen, and have taken measures to improve their durability. One of these changes are that Grizzly Battle Tank's are outfitted with the necessary things (a medic pack, food, water, etc) to allow a soldier into it which can also fire out of the vehicle. This makes the Grizzly Battle Tank an even better tank, for it can be adjusted to what you need (if you need anti-infantry capabilities, throw a GI or a Navy SEAL inside, or even Tanya). This is at the cost of a small piece of armor however. Be warned though, most Grizzly Battle Tank pilots replace their Grizzly Battle Tank, upon gaining enough experience, with a Grizzly Guardian Tank, that is better in nearly every aspect. Rookie's aren't granted those expensive tank's, but be careful with your Grizzly Battle Tank's, and you may form an army of high quality, top of the line tanks

Grizzly Guardian Tank
Costs: /
Requires: /
Weapons & Equipment: Even more comfotable sitting space, now for 2 passengers, Osiris Laser
Grizzly Guardian Tank's are the big brother of the Grizzly Battle Tank. Grizzly Guardian Tank's are equipped with a white, hot laser (the Osiris Laser) that is able to punch through armor and flesh alike, with much more ease then basic shells. Another improvement is that Grizzly Guardian Tank's have room for not 1, but 2 soldiers. Grizzly Guardian Tank's also have more armor, making them superior to Rhino Heavy Tank's any day. It is rumored though, that the Soviet's have managed to create Tesla Coil's that fit on a Rhino Heavy Tank, making it superior to the Tesla Tank. Still, a group of Grizzly Guardian Tank's are often enough to eliminate any land based treath, except for maybe Apocalyse Tank's.

Costs: $900
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Advanced AI that does everything better then humans (besides cleaning up), special absorbing armor, Falcon Laser
With the combined powers of Robert Falcon's first laser, the Falcon Laser, and Einstein's advanced technology, the Falcon was made. A truly futuristic vehicle, this thing requires no pilot, and can operate on its own. It can also gain veterancy like any soldier, making it a true masterpiece. It has an unique design, that makes it somewhat vulnerable, but Einstein's special armor, specially made for this vehicle, absorbs most of the damage. Falcon's have unique, upward pointing turrets, that fire special lasers which excel at destroying aircraft. While very powerful, a single Falcon will not survive long. It can't fire a ground targets, can't outrun aircraft, and can only take down 2 or 3 planes before it's destroyed. Therefore you'll need to guard Falcon's with other units. The Allies have taken the lead with this revolutionary anti air robot, but the Soviet's will soon do the same. Cheap, copying bastards.

Costs: $600
Requires: Mechanizations Center
Weapons & Equipment: Revolutionary weapon system that changes depending on the passenger's weapon
When a large horde of Kirov's, supported by Apocalypse Tank's, decided to attack Australia, it became painfully clear that IFV's were outdated. Sure, its weapons could be changed to the user's preference, but it was unclear as of what it's role was. Was it an anti air vehicle? Or perhaps an infantry transport? But then again, only one soldier could fit in this complicated vehicle, and that soldier would automatically change the weapons of the vehicle, making it not a real transport nor a real anti air vehicle. However, IFV's are still sighted on the battlefield. Cheap, fast, and expendable, these vehicles can make a good air defence, and they can quickly transport a few soldiers towards the frontlines. Or perhaps Engineer's to the enemy's base...

Liberty Howitzer
Costs: $800
Requires: Mechanizations Center
Weapons & Equipment: Reinforced (German) armor, 155mm shells, and occasionally the logo of the Allies is painted on the vehicle
The Howitzer, used in the first great war, they weren't used in the second or third great war. Wether this was due to Einstein's Prism Tank, or due to its outdated armor and weapon systems, no one knows. It became, however, apparant that a cheap artillery would be needed to keep the pressure on the enemies of the Allies. The idea to recreate the Howitzer came actually at the very beginning of the second great war. When Soviet forces destroyed the Statue of Liberty and isolated Fort Bradley from the outer world, Tanya rescued it and took out a small Soviet base in the vincity, as we all know. A few weeks after that, however, Soviet Rhino Heavy Tank's were paradropped into the area, trying to secure a foothold in Allied land. Some outdated Howitzer's, found into the destroyed Soviet base, were already repaired and improved a bit, and they succeeded in bombarding the incoming Rhino Heavy Tank's to oblivion. Yes, the good old Howitzer's have saved the day back then, and Allied high command wanted the Howitzer back in their army. So, German engineer's began working on better armor, and improved nearly the entire vehicle, while still retaining its old looks. They even renamed it to the Liberty Howitzer, in honor of the important role these vehicles played at Fort Bradley. It's quite a good vehicle, reports show that Howitzer's are even better then Prism Tank's! Howitzer's are cheaper, and only deal slightly less damage. However, this is purely theory, as on the battlefield, Prism Tank's can actually defend theirselves against enemies, and can damage multiple targets with 1 shot. Still, you might want to use this vehicle to back up your forces.

Prism Tank
Costs: $1200
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: Special absorbing armor, prism beam (only known name, although it has different versions)
Introduced by Einstein in the second great war, Prism Tank's were a key part in destroying Soviet forces who threatened to mind control Tanya. However, it appears as if Einstein rushed the design of the Prism Tank, for it's armor is not quite what you would expect of tank's. So, our good doctor has decided to reinforce the armor of Prism Tank's, with his new special armor that can also be seen on Falcon's. It is true though that Falcon's are destroyed much easier then Prism Tank's, but that's because its unconventional design. Recently, Prism Tank's were challenegd by Howitzer's, though ironically both were made in Germany. Maybe that's why Einstein decided to improve the armor of Prism Tank's.

Mirage Tank
Costs: $1000
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: Tree genrator, morphing armor, heat balls
Mirage Tank's were questioned a lot upon designed. They burned enemy's, and appeared like tree's. People thought it was stupid, who the heck would disguise a tank like a tree? Surely one would notice such a large tree? And a flamethrower, why not a laser? Or even shells or bullets? Yes, people with their prejuices. Later, it became apparant that Mirage Tank's were excellent inside forests, guarding ore patches, or taking out unsuspecting enemies. Its tree disguise really was a tree, though how a pilot could fit inside...Einstein truly is a genius. Why he chose a heat ray (and not a flamethrower as people thought) as weapon and not something better, is still unknown, but with Robert Falcon's support (who is rumoured to have helped with the design of the Mirage Tank, or who maybe even has maked this whole tank by himself) Mirage Tank's now fire balls which fly very fast and explode upon contact with anything, creating such high heats in such small spaces that even armor melts.

Battle Fortress
Costs: $2000
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: Armor rivaling that of the Apocalypse Tank, threads that can crush lighter vehicles, fire ports and comfortable places for 5 infantry
After the second war, the Battle Fortress was introduced. It wasn't only a highly armored, heavy vehicle that had room for 5 infantry, efefctively replacing the IFV as a much better transport vehicle. No, it was specially desgined to allow infantry inside the vehicle to fire to enemies outside of the vehicle, while still keeping its high armor. Also, this very heavy vehicle can crush lesser vehicles. Its small, mounted machine gun is removed, to increase its armor even more. A vehicle that still inspires fear, even though new weaponry can easily stop it.

MG Bot
Costs: $400
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Advanced AI, tiny rotors inside the bot's 'legs' that keep it hovering in the air, personal reactor, compact and fast firing machine gun
When the first Robot Tank was made, its only purpose was to counter Yuri's mind control tricks. Now, with the Loyalists, which have even more mind control tricks, small and cheap MG Bot's are occasionaly made by Allied commanders. These very cheap, fast, and unfortunately easily destroyed hovering robots are equipped with a machine gun that excels at killing Yuri's irritating psychic infantry. Due to the very low costs, MG Bot's are also used to simply wipeout any opposing infantry on the battlefield. Beware, however, for even infantry can destroy them with relative ease.

Cannon Bot
Costs: $600
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Advanced AI, tiny rotors inside the bot's 'legs' that keep it hovering in the air, personal reactor, modified 90mm turret
The original Robot Tank, now renamed to Cannon Bot because the MG Bot was made. Once you get a Satellite Uplink up, you can either continue building Grizzly Battle Tank's or start producing these robots. They both have drawbacks, Grizzly Battle Tank's can be mind controlled, but Cannon Bot's can be shut down by destroying the Satellite Uplink. Grizzly Battle Tank's can evolve into Grizzly Guardian Tank's though, and Cannon Bot's can hover over water. Of course, you can just build both if you wish. It is advised to build these bot's if your against a Loyalist army, for their main weapon is mind control.

Costs: $1000
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Construction Yard
Weapons & Equipment: Threads that can crush lighter vehicles, all neccesary parts including an advanced computer to transform into a Construction Yard
Mobile Construction Vehicles are maybe the most important vehicles in your army. They carry all the necessary things to create a Construction Yard, which produces all of your buildings. Recent advancements have made the MCV a lot cheaper, it now only costs $1000. Maybe Allied commanders will now expand more often, that is, if they didn't start the battle with repackable MCV's.

Chrono Miner
Costs: $1400
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Ore Refinery
Weapons & Equipment: Large chrono device, harvesting tools, storage room
The Chrono Miner keeps the Allied economy rolling, it drives to a nearby ore field, collects soem ore, and teleports back to a nearby Ore Refinery. People often wonder why it doesn't always teleport. Well, that is because the special, very heavy, and one of the first chrono devices that ever existed, mounted on the Chrono Miner, works with a special beacon installed at any Ore Refinery. Engineers are trained to install those beacons also at enemy Ore Refinery if they are captured. Chrono Miners thus teleport theirselves towards such beacons. If an enemy could steal these beacons, and plant them in the middle of their base, the Chrono Miner would sill teleport towards that beacon. Luckily, this is impossible. Or so the Allies clame.


Costs: $1200
Requires: Aircraft Command HQ
Weapons & Equipment: A single Maverick missile
After the Soviets scrapped their MiG's and YAK's in favor of even better ground forces, the Allies studied crashed MiG's to make even better planes. The first model was the Harrier, a standard plane that doesn't excel at anything, but is good at hunting down lost units none the less. Still, it was a bit underused by Allied commanders, and Allied commanders agreed that something wasn't quite right with the Harrier. It still remains in service though, although better planes have replaced it.

Stealth Fighter
Costs: $1600
Requires: Aircraft Command HQ, Tech Center
Weapons & Equipment: All necessary things to make the Stealth Fighter invisible, like adaptive and reflecting camouflage, improved Maverick missiles
After the Harrier was made, and the second great war began, the Allies put their quest for the best airforce aside. However, it became obvious that they needed something that could bypass those annoying Flak Turrets that could destroy groups of planes in a few, fast fired, shots. So, the Allies decided to improve their aircraft, and the Stealth Fighter was born. Based on a F35, which for unknown reasons are only avaible to a select few Allied commanders, Stealth Fighter's have much better stealth technologies. They can't even be seen if they would be right in front of you! It is rumored though that the Soviets have improved Flak Cannon's with advanced AI, that can recognize the special heat signature of the Stealth Fighter, and thus unload their deadly flak shells on the Stealth Fighter. Although the heat signature is of course changeable, it is only able to be changed so slightly due to the new stealth system, and Flak Cannon's would be still able to detect it. The Allies have installed a device on their Patriot Missile Systems that can do the same though, via invisible lasers or something, all highly advanced and highly efficient. Stealth Fighter's don't excel at anything, although they can crack enemy defense lines open to allow other forces to engage the enemy head on. Only pilots with some experience are allowed to pilot Stealth Fighter's, to make sure these highly expensieve planes survive a few fights, and to cut back on the cost. 1600 dollars isn't even remotely close to what only the advanced stealth technology costs, but with this new war, Allied leaders felt it was time to rush this thing to the battlefield. It is rumored that the Americans have decided to take stealth technology one step further, equipping even bombers with it...

Costs: $800
Requires: Mechanizations Center, Aircraft Command HQ
Weapons & Equipment: Room for up to 10 infantry, advanced engine that makes it able to fly very fast
Introduced in the second great war, this transport helicopter with a small, harmless machine gun mounted underneath it, was almost used by no one. It alerted nearby enemies due to its noise, it was lightly armored, not very fast, and could barely kill enemy soldiers. It also had only room for 5 soldiers. However, after the third war, when everything cooled down a bit, Allied scientists improved their airpower a lot, same with the Nighthawk. It has lost its gun, but it is much faster. It can now also carry 10 soldiers. This, combined with the fact that soldiers have been given more and more attention, makes it a relatively good transport, although maybe still a bit underused.


Medic Tent
Costs: $300
Requires: Construction Yard, Boot Camp
Weapons & Equipment: Medic's that work 24/7 to aid friendlies on the battlefield, way to much medical supplies
Medic Tent's are usefull for keeping your soldiers alive, Medic Tent's can be deployed everywhere on the battlefield and have the necessairy supplies to keep any nearby soldier in tip top form. Due to the cheap cost of these tent's, you can deploy them in a moment's notice when the situation calls for it. See an enemy tank battalion incoming and you have some Sidewinder's nearby which are probably to weak to win? Deploy a Medic Tent and rush them to battle! Be warned however, as enemy troops are probably smart enough to destroy Medic Tent's first, and seeing as Medic Tent's are easily destroyed, you can't really rely on them. You also need to manually heal your troops, the crew won't do that automatically for the fear of healing enemy Spies.

Costs: $500
Requires: Construction Yard, Boot Camp
Weapons & Equipment: A few GI's with M60's that can comfortably sit back and take pod shots at poor Conscript's
What started out as simple machine guns with sandbags around it, has transformed into with metal fortified heavy bunkers, able to withstand some punishment and deliver heavy machine gun fire towards enemy infantry. While it's a very effective defence against simple soldiers, and to an extent lighter vehicles, heavier vehicles and tanks will laugh at the puny machine guns and crush a Pillbox with a few shells. Still, this cheap defence is effective none the less. Allied commanders sometimes wonder why they don't simply put Sidewinder's inside these Pillboxes to create anti-tank defences, but Allied high command hasn't answered to those requests. It has been rumoured though that Germany worked on such a thing, along with a great anti-tank artillery turret mirroring the Grand Cannon. Both projects were canceled in favour of anti-tank machine guns that are used by Piercer's.

Patriot Missile Installation
Costs: $500
Requires: Construction Yard, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Patriot missiles with lasers and other gadgets to make them able to take down any aircraft
Another symbol of Allied simplicity and efficiency, Patriot Missile Installation's, or simply Patriot's, have become a lot cheaper as they became necessairy to defend Allied bases against hostile aircraft. Along with the new Falcon's and the old IFV's and Guardian GI's, the sight of Patriot Missile Installation's are most of the times enough to scare away the very vulnerable planes. Don't count on it though, as Kirov's can take quite a beating, and bombers may be used by some commanders to destroy critical targets in a suicide run. Patriot missiles are still cheap to produce, quick to arm, and highly efficient at penetrating even the heaviest armor. Unlike flak bullets which almost hit instantly, Patriot missiles take some time to reach the target. They are heat seeking and lock on to the target however, and with a large fuel, it is almost garuanted that they will hit in time. Note that ordinary Patriot missiles can't hit all aircraft, some aircraft like bombers fly so high, that Patriot missiles can't track them. An improved lock on system can however be installed on Patriot missiles, allowing them to hit all aircraft.

Prism Tower
Costs: $1500
Requires: Construction Yard, Satellite Uplink
Weapons & Equipment: Special reflective material that can reflect prism beams of nearby friendly towers, first ever made prism beam
These tall towers were first used in the defence of the Pentagon, and mainly due to these towers, we can still see the Pentagon in all its glory today. Prism Tower's were the first weapon to use prism technology, and they were highly efficient too. What's more, these towers can fire their beams at friendly towers to increase the damage output of that tower. One could, in theory, fire a prism beam from one end of the map to the other end, by buildign a network of Prism Tower's. However, the beam would be too big and damaging for a Prism Tower to receive, it would cause the Prism Tower to take damage. As such, the last Prism Tower that could safely fire the beam would fire it if possible, or the beam would simply disappear.


Laser Guidance
Costs: $500
Requires: Sattelite Center, Patriot Missile Installation
By adding an advanced laser lock onto Patriot Missiles, these missiles don't need fuel anymore and as a result can travel as far as needed. What's better, they can now also hit the high flying bombers and other aircraft previously unreachable. Of course, Europeans never had this problem, with the help of Robert Falcon and his lasers, they already had an anti-air laser system that could hit any aircraft currently used on the battlefield.


Allied Infantry drop
Costs: N/A
Requires: Boot Camp
Allows you to call in a paradrop of 3 GI's, 3 GGI's, and 3 Sidewinders, every 2 minutes.

Allied Tank drop
Costs: N/A
Requires: Mechanizations Center
Allows you to call in a paradrop of 5 Grizzly Battle Tank's and 2 IFV's, every 4 minutes.

Sattelite Scan
Costs: N/A
Requires: Sattelite Uplink
Reveals the whole map after 10 minutes automatically. Yes, the SpySat Uplink has been removed, but it still was on the screenshot in the images section, for this power may be changed.

Costs: N/A
Requires: Tech Center
Allows you to call in a paradrop of 10 Grizzly Battle Tank's and 20 GI's every 8 minutes.

Costs: N/A
Requires: Chronosphere
Allows you to teleport a maximum of 9 vehicles or ships to another location every 6 minutes.

Weather Storm
Costs: N/A
Requires: Weather Storm Device
Allows you to create a deadly weather storm at the targetted location every 12 minutes.

Hope you liked it, nothing much was added, as you can see.

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