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Stealth equipment, anti-tank mutants, exploding rooms, enemies spreading, Mutant cores, Flaming Mutants.

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Stealth Units


A very special equipment, when used by the player it is very useful for getting through high security areas, when used against the player enemy units equipped with these can be difficult to detect and attack.

Only units with 1 turret can be equipped with this, most of the mutants cant see stealth units, but some human and mutant units have the ability to detect these units.

Attacker groups

Green base

Sometimes humans will send teams of robots to recover equipment or to clean mutant infestation, they will slowly capture sections of the base and reactivate them until they have full control of the base, these teams are composed of security robots, research/maintenance robots and some higher firepower robots.

If a human team detects any of your units, unless killed they will send even more teams to eliminate you.

Destructive Environment


Crates, boxes and other objects now react to explosions, walls, doors and also robots can be destroyed, depending on the weight of some objects, 2 or more robots are required to carry the object.

Mutants can break certain parts of the base and damage energy cables, or destroy walls to reach other rooms.

Projectile-Launching mutants


Found defending parts of mutants bases, this mutant can launch energy projectiles that deal serious damage to units, not very fast, it is still a very powerful enemy, they have 2 forms of attack:

Jump on anything using their ignitite projectors which will cause instant death.

Launch projectiles of energy at high speeds.

Ignitite Core


The core is the heart of a mutant base, destroying this is required to destroy a mutant base.

It is protected by large amounts of mutants, plants, obstacles.

A ignitite core is generated on the first place or section of the base which was infected.

Not all kinds of units can enter a ignitite core due to high levels of ignitite in the air.

The oldest mutant base will become the core base, destroying this base will stop the mutant spreading for a certain amount of time.



Ignitite is a very flamable material, as well as its mutants.

Ignitite mutants can be ignited, and also ignitite crystals, which will instantaneously explode.

Mutants will begin to burn and upon hiting anything they will explode.

Some weapons get a damage increase on areas with high levels of ignitite in the air.

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