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History about Barnaby Khar`Lan, the most cruel and dangerous assassines of Reborned Potestas.

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Barnaby Khar`Lan
(Truly name - Odissey Roslim Vratonic)

Rank - Brother-Colonel of Aturoshan Sons

Organisation - Sons of Aturoshan

Odissey was borned in Primaris World, planet from System Noel. He was son of Primaris count-viceroy, who was the leader of planet nobility. Main rising of Vratonic was started, when planet became plunged into the civil war. Socialists armies tried to destroy nobility forces, and Odissey fought for his father and high society. After the death of socialists leaders, Terrible Plague collapsed the Primaris. Father of Odissey died, because even the most skilled doctors didn`t know how to save him and other population too. But soon, mysterious creature with name of Salah`Zarr arrived to this planet. This creature called himself like H`Shangaara descendant and true God of Light. People believed his force and asked Salah`Zarr to save them from Terrible Plague. After some weeks, awful disease was stopped and many of Odissey`s relatives were alive. Soon, people started to believe Salah`Zarr and call himself as True God. New government of Primaris started to build many Worship Places and also statues from the clear gold. Salah`Zarr became the main god of Primaris and after some years, this planet started to be part of new Reborned Potestas. Odissey Vratonic was taken to the secret service of new government and soon became one of greatest agents. After some years Salah`Zarr became interested in Odissey`s work and made himself as Modernized Warriors. He gave Odissey another name - Barnabby Khar`Lan, which means "Magnificent". Khar`Lan headed the mysterious Aturoshan Sons Order. Exarch Ataulf dedicated Barnabby to another secret order - Sons of Salah`Zarr, which consisted of only people with modernized skills and genetic improvements. Now Barnabby Khar`Lan is brother-colonel of Aturoshan Sons and the most loyal servant of His Name and Will. His body was changed to something more powerful and now he is completed Modernized Warrior, immortal and magnificent.

Status - Fully active

(Information was taken from Potestas Secretorium Archive, accepted by His Holliness Exarch Ataulf)

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