Post news RSS Banzai Pecan now Updates to 1.2.0! Thanks for the patience!

Thanks for waiting! By the time you read this, Pecan's heftiest update has gone live, even reducing the price for those new to the game!

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We know it's been awhile, but we feel it's worth it! Scope a peek at the list to see what new things have been added!


*Quite a bit has been changed in the system. Dodging can now be done
during any time during the normal branch in the Strike Combo.

*Added "V-SYNC" option to the Options Menu.

*Adjusted framerate.

*Taunting now earns Heat.

*New moves have been thrown in for good measure. Refer to the manual as well as Flan for more details.

*Re-designed menu.

*Boss Rush mode added.

*Saviorjun updated.

*Practice Mode added to Flan's Room.

*New enemy types, including Kuno Oni and Tartar.

*Level enemy placement.

*Boss AI balance.

*Added new music and Easter Eggs.

*You can now roll

*Plenty of more Cosplay Colors and Flan Tips.
As a way of saying "Thanks for the support and suggestions", we even lowered the price! It's been a crazy year, but thank you for following this quirky and humble little game! <3

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