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It all started when I was making STALKER montage parody and wanted to add in-game damage hitmarkers so I didn't have to add them manually in video editor. Today, this mod is an absolute flagship in Stalker community in terms of MLG bullshittery and cheeki breeki. Enjoy!

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First version of the mod. Based on Stalker OFFLIFE which is based on Freeplay Start.


  • Drink 3 vodkas to start the vodka fever
  • Drink at least one vodka per minute to survive
  • Vodka fever makes player immune to pain shock
  • Drinking vodka at low health during vodka fever restores health over time
  • Phantoms spawn when player drinks several vodkas
  • 20 vodkas (maximum 20 minutes) is highest you can drink - abuse of vodka will eventually kill you!

Other features added in Bandit Simulator (on top of OFFLIFE):

  • Hitmarkers and damage numbers
  • Killing spree phrases for player
  • Pain shock (player falls down for a moment when taking too much damage under short time)
  • Bandit voice damage and death sounds for player
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