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Version 4.16 of BAMN has been uploaded. New battle spell animations and improvements based on player feedback.

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Version 4.16 of BAMN has been uploaded. The update includes a lot of modifications based on player feedback.

  • More than 10 new battle spell animations.
  • The first 3 dungeons have been re-balanced.
  • Visual adjustments to the Green Forest scenes.
  • Show all the party members on the map in the first scene so the player knows what characters are in his party.
  • ENTER key can now be used as the confirm key in the Menu and Options screens.
  • Various bug fixes.

Here's a preview of the some of the new spell animations

Animations 1

The first animation is the action animation. It's used to represent when an enemy is going to take a turn. We're still debating if this is the best way to represent the enemy action. We might go a different route depending on the feedback we receive.

The second animation is used for any negative effect clearing spell, like the Restore spell, which removes the poison, blind and sleep negative status effects.

The third animation is used for some of the buff spells.

And here are some of the new white spells animations:

White Spells Preview

The top 3 animations are for heal spells. The bottom animation is for the Revive and ReviveMax spells.

There are also new spell animations for the Fire, Ice and Lightning black spells and some other black spells as well.

We are also working on making the game available on Mac and Linux.

You can now also follow the game @bamn_game

Any feedback on the update and the new spell animations is appreciated.

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