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A little late this month lads! Hope you dont mind. In this article, we shall be discussing potential gamemodes in the following updates to come! Plenty of content to soak up and enjoy!

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Hi All!

Its that time of the month again! With the community bigger than ever, we are pumping out alot of fantastic new content for you to enjoy! With only 1 month away from the V1.2 Update release, we have already 3 new weapons and 2 utility items to mess around and frag with! We wont be concentrating on these items today, more the gamemodes that these weapons will be available in! Thanks to support from the original developer, Mutant117, GunGame will be joining us in the V1.2 Update specifically designed for ballistic weapons. Not only is it a blast to play single player but with the new server available to play on, BWGunGame can get hectic fast! There will be details below on the name and IP of the server.

How to get involved

Social Media

There are a number of ways to get involved:


To DOWNLOAD the Mod, head over to our discord. Our Discord holds the download for the BETA, all information on "In the works" and current projects as well as teasers for future projects! You can also get involved with the conversation regarding bug reports, ideas and what goes on inside the minds of the Developers. Hope you enjoy!
NOTE: I have recently done a purge of my discord and have updated the invite links on the articles. If you cannot join the discord, send me a message or leave a commend down below.

Server: (SexPenguin Ballistic Weapons V2.5 Pro: Deathmatch, GunGame & Freon:)

IP: ut2004://

We all play on the server at around 7pm BST from Friday to Sunday. For updates on the server, join the discord to stay on top of announcements and notifications on when we are all playing. The server runs on a Test version of the Complete collection so you will be able to try a lot of the new content before it is released!

Steam Group:

The Steam Group helps you keep in touch with the steam community of Ballistic Weapons and announcements of releases of the Betas, competitions, updates and so on!

Steam Guide:

The Steam Guide gives you access to all the current content and hidden content within the mod at its current state. It also gives you tips on how to use specific weapons and any hidden details about a weapon which may not be seen at first sight.

Each one of these pages has information on how to get hold of the BETA and get in touch with the Developers to help out with bugs, new content and contribute to the team. Highly recommend the discord to gain access to the latest updates and Betas.



Originally made by Mutant117, the gungame gamemode is a deathmatch game where once you get a kill with the specified weapon, your weapon downgrades until you reach the last weapon and get a kill with it. You are given 2 weapons, The Main weapon and the fists. The main weapon is used to get up the ranks while the fists are used to humiliate your opponent. When you kill with the fists, the opponents weapon downgrades to the previous level. If you run out of ammo for your main weapon, you will downgrade to the previous weapon. First one to complete the GunGame Ladder wins the game.

A couple of added features to BWGunGame include Support for All Ballistic Weapons, Ease to configure custom weapons including the order in which the weapons are received and Upgrade and Downgrade sounds when getting a kill.

Below is a video, made by Jiffy, of a beta GunGame in action! Enjoy! Until the next time!


Congrats on the new release! You guys rock. I'm shocked how many updates this is still getting.

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I wanted to ask, is there some possibility of adding pure cryo-based weapon in the future? It could be just a Cryo Grenade or some weapon that uses liquified nitrogen as munition.

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OJMoody Author

Hi Paul!
We Currently have a Cryo Grenade attached to the Mars 3 Assault Rifle, and a few weapons that shoot ice bullets that slow enemies down.

For future weapons using Cryo Attacks, we have a Cryo Flak Cannon, which will use slow down mechanics and gun freezing locking up, in the works; Model is ready, Textures and Code are not.

If you have any other ideas you would wanna see, hit us up! :)

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Thank you, that is incredible to hear. I also wanted to ask about some proper Plasma Rifle... will that be a thing?

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OJMoody Author

Alot of Plasma rifles already exist in Ballistic Weapons, such as the E23 Plasma Rifle. No need to change perfection ;)

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