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The power of the Imperium.Orcs compared to space Marines

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The Imperium is now very strong and wins at the expense of quality superiority . Imperial Adeptus Custodes practically invulnerable and inflict terrible damage . Add of the Emperor . Imperial guard are now fighting on the side of the space Marines( tanks , infantry ,standard-bearers.Orcs are only strong in large numbers , they were crushed corpses . A detachment of the Imperial guard in 15 people consumes 40-50 orcs . Their equipment is also easily destroyed , but cheap as all units of orcs in their lineup for 20 - 30 xenos.A detachment of orcs - 20-30 xenos . They are very cheap . . But against space Marines are nothing , they are not able to destroy even a space marine without the support of technology . Orcs with guns cause very little damage , but a lot of them .

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