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I would like to again poll the playerbase. Please comment here for balance issues and bugs, so I may gather them at one place. Thank you.

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The original poll:

A: Some tier 1 units getting a general health boost upgrade in Tier 3. VOTED YES

B: Reduce the melee damage of more advanced melee units (Nobs, Vanguards), so that they don't outpace T1 melees that much. VOTED NO

C: Rework heavy anti infantry rapid fire guns (heavy bolters, suriken cannons) to do a bit less damage overall. VOTED NO

D: Rework anti tank (rokkits, lascannons) or AOE heavy weapons (Plasma cannons, baneblade cannon) to fire less often, thus making all units survive for longer. VOTED YES

E: Increased base defeses and turret building. Should turrets be tougher, and more heavily armed? VOTED YES.

I'm still doing E for next release, and latest release has A implemented.

So I want to know how does that influence the B C D options from your perspectives.

Do I still go on and nerf damage overall? Or did the health increases fix that? Please tell me your thoughts and opinions on that, and add any balance problems you found.

Please say your vote in comments to this news.


I would say yes for C

B seems okay as No, I would lower them a bit though, but not a lot.

And I agree with D , specially on the AOE weapons.

I still have to play this last version but I would suggest lowering the price for special weapons in the IG.

They are pretty cheap but seeing that a marine can one-shot a guardsman while the dude cant do the same even with a plasma gun or a melta, ***** hard for the grunts.

I would say make the special weapons for the IG a bit cheaper(even more) because you may need several plasma weapon teams in order to take down a marine unit( if you manage to do it at all) and at the current price of 20 power, its simply not feasible.

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To correct myself, meltas and plasmas have a cost of 60/30 for the normal guardsmen.

So yeah, you have it pretty ******, unless you just spam cheap squads to cap all the map fast, and that only would work against the AI probably,

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DeusImperator Author

I usually play with High resources to test more stuff faster, so yeah that is a totally valid point I most likely missed!

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