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This is a conversion of the Jedi Academy CTF map Factory. Based on its texture set I always assumed this would be on Bakura, so I went with that. Below you'll find more info on the map itself. Oh, and from this point on all my maps will be released under the Star Wars: Battlefront II category instead of here in the mod. They get better visibility/downloads that way. So with that I'll try to announce each time I release a new map or an update.

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bakura factory4bakura factory2

Bakura: Factory


Modes: Conquest, 2-Flag CTF
Eras: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, Battle of the Force (force users only)

CW Heroes: T'Ann Komm, Count Dooku (Dark Ritual)
GCW Heroes: Kyle Katarn, Desann

*SWBF2 lighting sucks. The 'good' lighting is actually burned into the world models. Unfortunately the characters don't get that quality lighting, though I tried
*Not an issue, but only human players can find/explore the upper area. There's no way for the AI to navigate that. Have fun exploring, but there are no easter eggs

Lucasarts/Lucasfilm/Disney Producing, publishing and support of series
Lucasarts Jedi Knight content
Raven Software Jedi Academy content
Netmarble Games Force Arena content
Krome Studios Force Unleashed Wii content
EA/Capital Games Galaxy of Heroes content
Jeff, Hapslash Dooku body
Scerendo, Hapslash Female Jedi model/skins
Shred18 Boc body
Spanki, Hapslash Jedi body
Deviss Conversion of Hapslash's jedi model
Inry saber model
DarthPhae Sariss model
Madjai, Inbredyokel Jerec model
Scerendo, Kel/Noc, Antizac Sev'rance head model
Tompa9, Hapslash, Psyk0Sith, Yeyo JK Coleman Trebor model
Various users Testing

To anyone I forgot, THANK YOU! If I forgot you, let me know what I missed and I'll add you to the credits.


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