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A tool to convert textures you may have to the quake 1 format.

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Baker, from and has released a program which converts your pre-made high resolution textures or any pre-existing textures you may have to the quake one format. It supports conversion to 24-bit colors , quake palleted , and half-life 256 independent palleted textures. If you choose to use the quake pallet conversion method it also supports custom created pallets for your textures, the pallets being in JASC-PAL v 0100 format. For the quake modders used to the fullbright colors in the pallet, the program will not use these colors helping to make nicer looking textures with out random glowing pixels in your texture.

You can find the Original thread where this program was released : here
and you can find a link to the download right here in the group profile: click

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