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Some common questions I've received about the game, I'd like to answer

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Q: Why is this game called "Bad Taste".

A: We're a fan of the Peter Jackson film of the same name and felt it embodied the spirit of our project, so we wanted to pay homage to it.

We're actually huge fans of all trash cinema, so if you have a keen eye you'll be able to spot some satirical jabs at the B-Movies we love hidden in our game.

In fact LLoyd Kaufman who directed the cult classic "The Toxic Avenger" has a cameo in our film.

Q: Please tell me, is Kenny in it?!

A: He is! He has a fun cameo in the game, and we have some really cool future stuff with Kenny coming down the line as well!

Unfortunately, we're not really at liberty to discuss that stuff right now.

Q: I'm interested, how much is this fine product going to cost?

A: The game will be sold for the totally reasonable cost of $9.99USD.

Q: Where can this gift to humanity be bought?

A: We hope to have it sold through as many venue's as possible, and I personally am not a fan of giving any console an exclusive because it excludes and punishes people who are fans just because they don't have the "right system".

That said the game will be initially sold through steam for the PC, before hopefully moving on the other consoles.

Q: It looks like a fucking flash game!

A: The graphics were made in flash, but the project was coded in C++, I decided to go with 2D graphics because I'm a fan of old school beat em ups like "turtles in time". Also I've always felt 2D holds up a lot better than 3D in terms of long term presentation; a traditional Walt Disney cartoon will always look good regardless of how old it gets.

CGI on the other hand starts to show it's age after a while and loses it's lustre, watch the 1996 film "Spawn" if you wanna humorous example of what I mean.

Anyway some people just aren't into 2D games, and that's fine, this project isn't meant for them.

Q: Why did you put Spenny in the game?!

A: Spenny is a nice, and talented individual, I thought he worked well for the project and understood what we were going for; which is why I brought him onboard. The reality is some people dislike him just for the sake of disliking him, and that's fine, we're all good sports about it. Spenny has been super generous helping get this project off the ground, and I think it's cool when artists use their tenure to help out independents starting out.

Kenny has also been quite kind in terms of the sagely advice he's given us, both of the boys are super cool guys.

Q: I'm a big fan, can I beta test?

A: Thanks! we currently have all the testers we need though, if anything changes we will make an announcement!

Q: Are there any other cameo's?

A: Uncle Lloyd will be in the game, and we have a couple of other surprises we wanna keep under wraps, surprises are always fun ;)

Q: Your trailer sucked!

A: We know… In our defence it wasn't a "trailer", it was a teaser from over a year ago, from the first month we started working on the project. We have a lot more stuff to show now, and we're currently working on a proper trailer we hope to have out December 2014, or at worst January 2015.

Q: When will the game be released?

A: Sometime in 2015 hopefully… It also depends when we pass the greenlight process.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: Vote for us on greenlight, and tell your friends about the project, here is a convenient link to our greenlight page:

That covers everything I can think of, any more question can be posted below and I will do my damnedest to answer them!

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