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What did I ever do to deserve this. An announcement on Ammo²'s development state.

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Ammo²'s development will be seriously delayed, or outright stopped for the time being.
What happened?
I'm having trouble with my PC as of late. Most times when I turn it on, it simply won't boot.
All it ever does is keep giving me an error. Argh.
I managed to get it working today and that's how I'm writing this.
Anyway, I'm still looking for a solution to this problem, or maybe I'll just get a new PC, but right now, Ammo² isn't going anywhere. Sorry guys :( . It looks like we'll all just have to wait.


Salk - - 297 comments

Oh so sorry to hear about your hardware troubles!

I sincerely hope you can get your computer to work again without further problems!

Good luck!

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ALT_OhDude Author
ALT_OhDude - - 183 comments

Thank you.
I hate programmed obsolescence.
(Note: I also have my iPod with me, so I can still write a bit.)

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,551 comments

I had a similar problem like this awhile back, it was a faulty power supply that did it for me D:

Have you sent your comp into a repair shop for a check-up?

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ALT_OhDude Author
ALT_OhDude - - 183 comments

No, but instead I made a backup of all my stuff, and then returned my PC to its default configuration (that is, I deleted everything). It'll be a while before I start working again (forgot to backup the tools!), but it seems to have stopped crashing and having problems, so I may be able to develop in peace.

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ALT_OhDude Author
ALT_OhDude - - 183 comments

Forget this comment: PC not working. :P

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