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I must say, it has been a fun ride, and I hope to come back and finish it...

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Why? has been officially put on indefinite hold as of 4 P.M. CST of 5/13/13.

After I released my alpha I got some really crushing feedback not just from Moddb's members, but from various places I posted it. I know I sound stupid for giving up because of that, but that actually is only PART of the reason. After I read those I got to work immediately, polishing and polishing, adding more crazy things, and then stopped.

I realized that I wasn't taking and pride or joy out of what I was doing. It literally felt like a pain in the neck to go in and just edit a simple texture or light that needed to be changed. I really despise making things when I can't have fun with it and simply put, I ran out of ideas to make it fun.
I tried adding cool effects to the lighting, making very weird things that seemed so.... crazy.
But as soon as those were done it got boring and frustrating.
So I just decided it was best to put this on hold until:

A) I get a lot more experience making maps.
B) Regain my love to mod.
C) Figure out how to code :s

I'm shooting for around late August.

In other news
I have moved on from Source SDK to UDK.
People think it's kind of stupid, and I agree, but i'd rather make an actual game over a mod any day, and in just 5 hours I learned all the basics and a lot of advances and made a simple horror-survival game.

I will make a game page in the UDK/ Unreal 3 engine section of moddb titled: The Many Projects.
Of course, it is going to be a little page where I post games I have made that will be available to all for download, completely free of charge. The horror game will probably be the first one to go up after I recreate it, resize it, polish it, find a monster model, figure out how the hell to edit the game menu, and add more stuff to it. I am very impressed with how I am doing so far with it though.
Link will be here in a few days

Well, until then....


"B) Regain my love to mod."

If you don't have a love to mod then I'm not sure how you will have the love to make an actual game.. idk maybe it's just me but I wish you luck in that man.

"in just 5 hours I learned all the basics and a lot of advances and made a simple horror-survival game."

Well obviously not if you can't make a simple HL2 mod, which in hindsight is probably one of the easiest games to mod. That's why big mods like Underhell is going to be huge because of how much it brings to the table.

I wish you luck and I hope you can find one project and stick with it because I will hope that people will stay with you and your attitude of "The Many Projects."

It's like going around looking for a special girlfriend, and you find and meet all these pretty girls and you dump them because you want to work on something else.

Maybe not that extreme but I pray you get my point.

Best of luck to you, Muffinz! Find what you love and stick with it! ♥

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If you aren't taking pride and joy as well as feeling frustrated and bored, that means you're breaking out of the "game designing is fun!" department. At that point, you can only go two ways.
1) Give up on game design.
2) Become passionate on your work.

If you lack passion in what you want to do, there's no point in sticking with it is there?

Hopefully you'll stick around, it takes time. Good luck.

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