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This is our new backstory. It was originally written in Slovak language, so i am afraid of some grammar mistakes. If you found some, please report them in comment.

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Knowledge. Knowledge is everything. Every being has a need to discover new things and explore the world around them. Knowledge can be good and bad. One of worst and also best inventions of mankind is fire. With the help of fire and a small amount of water and meat it is possible to feed the whole family, but it can also destroy entire villages, cities and sometimes it can absorb entire nations. Similar find is magic. Magic flows through every creature, living or abiotic. It can be located in a small hare running through field, but also in negligible stone next to road. Some beings are able to concentrate magic within themselves without realizing it, but those, who realize it, can use magic for the good of themselves and others, or use it for evil purposes.
Among the creatures that recognized presence of magic in themselves are also people. But the ancient power in themselves managed to control only few chosen. They called themselves Prospektors - The first discoverers. Prospektors gave the promise that they will use magic only for good purposes, and agreed to teach the rest of people proper way of concentrating magic and how to use it. But everything good has its end ...
The most powerful Prospektor, Oagi always longed for more power. He found that he can only get it so that he withdraws it from other beings. A body without magic is like a flower without water, over time it wilts and dies. Oagi either did not care or did not know it at first. First, while he was still managed by brain, enough was magical power from lower beings. But the more power he had, he was more greedy, and after a while he decided that the only strong enought source of power are people. When other Prospektors detect that, they tried to stop him. Hell was unleashed. In this terrible war Oagi almost exterminated Prospektors . Only 5 most powerful survived : Syraine - Prospektoress, that could control nature by magic, Uattus - Prospektor, who could control fire, Airalys - Healer, Iodine - A master of air and Ilaus - light mage. These last five Prospektors have teamed and together after a long battle they weaken Oagi and bound him into granite rock.
Our world has changed. After the war three major cities was build: Atlantis - a city where people realized that magic is dangerous, and so renounced using it and there arose something like the industrial revolution. Second City is Utya - city, where people worships five Prospektors for what they done for people and for defeating Oagi. Here is widespread use of white magic. Last City - Elautus, where people worships Oagi. Here is widespread use of black magic. Fifth Prospektor - Ilaus was killed after 7 years of imprisonment of Oagi in sleep. It is assumed that it did someone from Elautus. Since then, 200 years passed and charm detaining Oagi began to fade and he was able to send a lot of his dark creatures into the world. The remaining four living Prospektors do not have enough power to arrest him again. The prophecy says that one day will be born a hero, who manages to overcome all the pitfalls by Oagi and with other Prospektors finally destroy him.

Will you become the Fifth Prospektor?

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