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this is what i came up with when i thought of my new hero unit Brudisious Vaunt.

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10 Years after the clone wars. Emperor Palpatien was starting to become weak from old age.
he began experimenting with cloning himself so that he may rule the galaxy forever!
the nightsister clan of Dathomir got wind of the emperor's doings and sought out to capture his clone and use him against the emperor.
the nightsisters boldly break in to the palaces clone room, and take the bacta growing tank with young Palpatien still inside.
while starting their orbit above their home world, they are ambushed by the emperors fleet and a battle breaks out.
the young palpatiens tank is ruptured and life support starts to fail.
the night sister clan had no choice but to awaken the clone prematurely and take an escape pod down to the planet's surface.
they hid from the empire for 16 years wile training the clone in the dark side of the force, even giving him a name.
the knightsister's were eventually found in a cave and imprisoned.
Brudisious vaunt escaped and later became a mercenary and changed his facial features as to not be recognized by anyone.
he is a hired hand of the empire as well as the rebels and a few times for the Zann Consortium.
he helped Tyber Zann defeat Jabba the Hutt in the battle for Ryloth, little did tyber know that his action of hiring Brudisious lead to his eventual arrest and imprisonment on kessel.


good history

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