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Background DSmod camps Mod is introduced: Days Stagnate expand the types of the Mod is the original, continuation of the original style on the basis of his three camp added three child, and add a variety of different upgrade to rich. In addition to special ai player behavior and boss ai players can challenge.

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As time goes by, the Allies and empire and the Soviet union's tactical shift gradually, after a disastrous allied, cronus armed with all kinds of experimental class from the end of the war and turned to the past, the existence of secret of his, to guide their direction gradually. Above, on the other hand, the powerful Soviet ally, the empire had to use armed their energetic development of nanoparticles, the removal of unparalleled strength high-energy nanoparticles can erode himself, but the empire is desperate, the high performance of nanometer particles in the game back, and give a lot of new weapons, at this time of the empire, and mechanical empire gave birth to the Soviet union control of the allied accepted allied technologies, but most of the officers as cancer, only the Soviet airborne troops kept these technologies, and secretly to develop new forces, tactics changed because of the empire, the Soviet union's strategy is trying to cope with wisdom machinery company, every day there are a large number of casualties. Facing the situation of the Soviet union more and more than ever, iscar the sudden appearance of all things to all people, also brought very amazing performance. But unfortunately, the Soviet union still exist iscar heterogeneity. At this point, the new three camps have appeared, the commanders of the next story

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