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We're back, and beta feels oh so closer! Unit Previews, Beta, and overal progress is discussed in this news batch.

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We're Back!

So over the past month I've given you no updates, and for this I am sorry. My reasons are mainly school, but also other problems I don't want to discuss. The good news is I'm starting again, and I'm back with enthusiasm. The final step of the modification is near, and when I get the spells from the great team member, Renendaru, I shall start working on the Orcs. When the Orcs and the rest of the races are at a nice balanced state, I shall be releasing several "Unit Previews".

These "Unit Previews" shall be single maps with one featured unit that you can mess around with on Dummies and Targets. These Unit Previews help you get familiar with the units role, and keep you updated with how the units work. This is not the only thing I will release. After some Unit Previews have been made and the team and I believe the game is in a near polished stage, we shall be releasing an internal beta for the team members, and later, an open beta with two races to play from. These two races have not been chosen yet, but I think the most polished ones will be featured (probably the Undead and Humans).

The beta is coming soon, just keep your eye out!


Warcraft 4: The Awakening MOD Team Leader.

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