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Well, Sorry folks for abandoning you guys, But it was for a very Good cause. As I was away(Working on a solitude moification now known as Halo Revamped), I learned A billion new things about quake. Man, When I look back at My old-self, I feel like a noob. I remember asking on the solitude forums what different PSP engines there were >_>

So guess what I can do Now? Well I used to be only able to map and Do a bit of graphics work(saving images off google)

But now, I can

-Map: I can map 3x Better than I used to be able to. I know a lot more about How to add entities for mapping, How VIS works, Using func_walls and enties so brushes don't Fracture other brushes and the Works. I'm pretty proud to be honest.

-Coder: Yes, Prime has me as it's coder. Ghost-fang was A very busy man, SO I take the Coding position.
I have been working on Halo Revamped and I built myself up to work on Prime.

- Texture Creator(Not artist :/ ) - I can create Somewhat Decent Textures For my maps. This is usefull, Very useful.

-Sound effects- I Learned ALOT about sound effects. In my Halo Revamped, I start my sounds with 44800 Frequency(Not memory efficient Whatsoever). I Then Learned more and more And Now I can do memory Efficient Effects.

That's it. I plan to get into Modeling too, and Possibly animating. Just remember that This game Is very alive. I don't want Not 1 more break from this game. At least 1 moddb update a month.

And I am leaving off Where Ghostfang Had on Coding. He did a pretty awesome thing to The Blaster.


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