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Back to work after a short break, still trying to find a job at the same time, and still working on those models.

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Hey Ladies and Gents,

Me again (obviously) with another update, you`ll most likely have noticed I have started filling up the gallery again with low poly stuff, I hope to get more parts done really soon, my one problem at the moment is that I have ran out of high poly models to do, mainly because I lost about 2 in the unexpected death of my external backup drive.

Still , I am happy to get all this done so far, I also asked for the help of someone from deviantart to help me get more reference, for yet more parts, while thats going on, I plan to use the AC mechanical guidance book I got from Ebay (you may recall that I said I infact did not get it in a earlier update, but for some reason I got refunded and it still got sent... so I am not complaining O.o) to build some Mars era MT units so expect to see work on those up soon.

Until they are up, keep watching this space!



good stuff keep it up man :D

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