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Hello people! I've recently gotten back to work. Some screenshots of new stuff.

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Hello people! I've recently gotten back to work on the game. New stuff I've added so far:

- Functional upgrades menu (access upgrades' menu by selecting town hall's and clicking "upgrades" in the down-right menu)
- Food consumption/production rebalanced
- Fixed mini-map
- New enemy: Thief (comes in groups of 3-5, destroys buildings)
- Hero (With Perks, Weapons & Stats)
- Unit stats menu/Selection menu
- Actions menu for units (Follow, Attack, Def. Stance & Patrol)
- A farm needs a peasant working on it in order to produce food
- Changed "slaves" to "peasants"
- New (lv. 3) buildings (Barracks, Iron Mines & Walls)
- New units: Archer & Warrior
- Resolution options (4:3, 16:9. 16:10)

Some screenshots:

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Towncraft looks very cool, tracking, and checking out the demo. :)

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