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... but not working on Apocalypse Weapons. Just dropping a line to have a few things explained regarding the mod, and to announce my current UT99 project: Maverick Hunters.

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... but not working on Apocalypse Weapons.

I could try to finish my job on this mod, but there're a few things to keep in mind:

  • I'd have to script if from the scratch to make it working on-line. So, thousands of lines to recreate, test and so on. Would it be worth the time? Then, comes the next one...
  • I don't enjoy anymore the main concept of the mod. It's way too overkill: I designed the weapons to merge characteristics of weapons I liked, although being very interesting in practical ways, most weapons don't require much to master them. And that's definatly something I don't value anymore in a game...

So, I'm not currently developing this mod. Just updated the profile to correct the last release date.

For those who are interested in Apocalypse Weapons, I should make this clear: there're two later releases:

  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 9: released on Mar-27-2003, is the lastest BETA, which features a HUGE mod menu. The only advantage of using the Beta is the functional mod menu.
  • Apocalypse Weapons Alpha: released on Jan-07-2005, the last release at all, which was my work torwards the final release, Apocalypse Weapons X. It has much more features then the lastest Beta, but doesn't have a working menu, though you can change ANY of its setttings by editing the .ini file. I'd encourage using this by all means, since it's more polished and has much more features.

And finally, for those who enjoyed Apocalypse Weapons and would like to follow my work, please welcome to my Maverick Hunters project, which I'm currently working on, and intend to make it even better then what I've done on Apocalypse Weapons across all the years of development it had.

Thanks for the attention, and sorry for the frustration, if any.

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