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Sorry not sorry for the pun, but it kinda had to be done...

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The title is kind of a pun, see with most RPGs we all have to face the fact that side quests can either be boring, or can add alot to a game. While I find the simple fetch quest dull and really stupid, sometimes it pays off in the end when your working to get a grand item…

Well thanks to a friend telling about the wonderful world of plugins, I am hard at work creating a nice flow that may involve alot more to do the just point A to point B story…

Here is some keynotes on what I’ve done since last time.

—Fine tuned some graphic clipping (shop house still having issues with roof)
—Item drops

Ya, its not alot, but the thing I’m mostly excited see work out is crafting. I love in my games the reward of experience, but tie that into working to better myself and my party…that just makes it more epic for me and alot of others I know feel the same way, plus it gives you something to do in the long run.

I got a few more ideas I’m kicking around so I’m hoping that I can figure out this soon and get something out there…stay tuned!

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