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Yeah now the break is over and here are some news and a small changelog for the new version

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Okay we started modding again and here are the new things they are coming in the next release:

At first, we will change the strategical depth, not like in the great Contra Mod, we change every unit in the game like in CWC but the ressorce system wont be like in cwc, we overdo the vannilla supply system. so you can capture outposts and you can upgrade them to supply, defence or production system.

The support system do this:
- A instantly money support, like an oilderrik but more
- behaves like a supply depotm, only usable for the player who captured the outpost
- provide some rarely supply upgrades
- a few weapons to defence itselves by attack

Defence System:
- Having weapons for each type of unit
- Repairs vehicles in near
- heals soldiers in near
- garnisionable
- defenses strategical positions

Production system:
- decrease the costs of all units
- speeds up the training of new units
- provides some tactical upgrades
- weapons to defend itselves

Air and Combat Gen. :
-Adding new Airfields,
-overdid planes
-new choppers
- New building: Wallhub to build walls
Futuretech gen. :
- New Superweapon: Ion Cannon (like in TW)
- new upgrades
- new vehicles like a exosuit
- a funny easter egg
- wallhub to build walls

Adding the Superweapon and Special forces Gen. :
- All 3 SW Buildable: ICBM, Special Forces HQ, Particle Beam
- Spec. Forces HQ: Drops unique Attack Forces in the targeted Zone
- Just can build Squads: Attack Squad, Recoon Squad, Defence Squad and so on
- Have a lot of different Defences
- wallhub to build walls

Thanks for reading

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