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We are happy to announce our first VR game on IndieDB! Back to Earth, an experience everyone dreamed about. Flying your own space craft. But just a little different.

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Welcome everyone,

Back to Earth is and adventure exploration game and will allow the player to be in full control of the space craft. Preparing for launch, Orbiting, (the possibility of docking) and landing safely on earth. Every button, switch or handle will be controllable to allow the player it's freedom. The game will allow flight from mars to earth. Keeping in mind that fuel, power and lots more are all included and making it more difficult to survive such long distances.

We try to deliver a truly amazing experience. Everything will feel realistic and make the players feel like they are really up in space. I think we all have tho's dreams where we just stare into the sky and imagine our selves up in the sky. Or after whatching a Sci-fi movie where you let yourself wonder what it would be like to be thousands of miles out in space. Traveling from one planet to the other. We too had that dream and because it would cost too much to actually do it, why not virtual?

We are hoping for an early 2018 release. This depends on how VR will evolve this year. And for tho's who don't have a Vr, don't worry! The game will support non vr.

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