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You heard it right, back in development again and new stuff on the way!

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So as you may have noticed the project haven't been worked on for many months now, well mostly because i have taken a break from game development to finish up some other stuff that is going with life, and now i am back and i am going to continue developing this little project of mine,if there are people that want to contribute to this project are welcome to send me an email at and i will review it.

as for now i have changed the camera system and the flying mechanic and started implementing the weapon system and all the other system such as health, complex armor system(armor durability,strength), i am also developing a damage systems which correlates to the armor of the suit and its other systems, for instance : if you damage enough part of the suit which is in charge of a system, such as the repulsers in the suit, you can loose flight ability or decrease in flying ability, if you damage the helmet then the GUI will be malfunctioning, i am also going to implement a power distribution system in the suit,because anyone that seen the iron man movies knows that the reactor cannot make infinite amounts of energy and tony has to manage the power between his flying ability to weapons ability and so on.

i hope everything will go smooth and we will get to enjoy this game at the end.


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