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After about 2 weeks of the mod being offline due to complications with the reskinned ARX-160, we're back into development!

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Hello everyone! About two weeks ago this mod was put offline due to some complications with the ARX-160 tbat was modeled after Ghosts. Now, it's been resolved and we're back in production. We'll make another ARX-160, just based off of real life photos. Thanks a ton for sticking with us for these past two weeks! I know I've said quite a few times now, but, the download is coming SOON! The only reason the Pre-Pre-Alpha download hasn't been posted was because it was slightly too big to be uploaded on ModDB and we've been down for two weeks. Once we do a quick resize, we'll have it up.

Also, if you like tactical military shooters and classic games but want better graphics, then check out Arma: Cold War Assault ENB a mod by iq7736 and me, Xythos. Right now this mod is just an enhanced visuals modification. We'll soon add new guns, models, vehicles, maps, missions, and so so much more! However, to make these new weapons, vehicles, maps, and more happen, we need a team who can do animations, textures, modeling, sounds, and much more! Leave a comment below, leave a comment on the ENB page, or send Xythos a message if you're interested!

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