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Sorry for the wait, But we're rolling once again!! And a little look at what I've done so far, sorry no pics :(

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Hi everyone, sorry for the long wait. On top of school, moving a couple times, and getting a girlfriend, I lost the disk for EAW FOC as well as my flash drive with most of my modding data on it. So having suffered some major delays and set backs, I have finally gotten back to work :D

I downloaded the game off of steam and can't figure out which button to take screenshots anymore :P so unfortunately i don't have any pics for you as of yet (if you know how just tell me in the comments (yeah i feel dumb lol)).

I haven't changed anything for the empire but as I have been adding new Rebellion ships (or new New Republic) I have been finding balance issues and certain gaps that need to be filled. some of those gaps have multiple ways to be filled and I will be turning to you for input on which would be best (a little fun and polls never hurt anyone).

A big thank you to Nomada_Firefox for the use of the models from the Rebel_Empire_Pirate_pack1.0, the models are a vast improvement over what I have been working with! :)

So far I have replaced the models for the Assault frigate, Mon Cal Cruiser, and Home One to make them competitive against their Imperial counterparts, and Have added the Bulwark-class Battlecruiser as the Rebellion/New Republic's counter to Imperial super class ships.

The Bulwark is a flying fortress that requires the combined efforts of a mid to large sized fleet to destroy, armed with 14 heavy turbolasers, 14 Ion cannons, and 10 laser cannons, as well as two concussion missile launchers. Originally the Bulwark was able to carry many starfighter squadrons, but due to heavy armour and weapon refitting, the amount of hanger space has been reduced to carrying only 6 squadrons of fighters to provided defense against enemy bombers.

But seriously, it took 10 min of pounding from 2 Praetor's, 3-4 stardestroyers, the entire Maw Irregular Fleet, assorted frigates, and a plethora of fighters and bombers to take out a Bulwark and 3-4 Mon Cal Cruisers.

Okay one last thing before I say farewell, A major gap in the Rebellion forces is the ability to quickly deploy many squadrons of fighters, something the empire excels at presently, so the question is to give dedicated carriers, an advanced antifighter corvette/frigate, or maybe a combination of the two. And if you please a suggestion of a ship to fulfill the role, it isn't necessary but would be helpful. the Current leading ship would be the Quasar Fire class Carrier

Thank you all for your patience!
Farewell to you all!


i think its f12. try that to make screenshots

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Guardian14 Author

thanks Packy

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