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Good day, My name Husky Hunter or many other name, will now continue this work for good. However i need help, or ideas from many of you men of war fans. :D

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What you can help with:

Ideas (Must be realistic and well design for their nation.)

Artwork (If you want.)

Voice out help to members to help my mod come into action faster.

Be patient for more release. :D

I have a busy schedule so i cant really finish the project, 2 hours per day i have to finish a item or vehicle. A good news i like is that i wont abandon this project until i go bankrupt and lose all progress, but this will likely not happen so i can start working slowly for my mod. :D


for ideas maybe make it that most countries use cold war weapons because in a zombie apocolypse weapons like stock m 16's m 4's en stock ak 74's give soldiers very plain uniforms with no camo patterns because that would be uselesss against zombies and give most vehicles skirts and maybe also make it that you need headshots to take out zombies thats what i can come up with now

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nabuko Author

It may seem like that however, the weapons will be past WW3 ideas, units, vehicles, and weapons are going to have more post war ideas, and the V.I.R.U.S starts withing later years of 22nd century.

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oh in that case base your weapons of weapons like the steyr aug and the tar 21

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and for air units

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