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Hey guys, guess what I back to moddin again ;)....

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Well hello guys I'm actually not going progressing I'm restarting, firstly starting w/textures (On Photoshop, way WWWWAAAYYYY better than paint). Later on I'll share so news about troop ideas. And whenever I do something new I'll post on the news. All I can say is that this will be one of the largest mods Commando will ever see, so it might just take a few years to do this. There'll be demos and extra maps, with images of new texture models and gameplay. I'll talk about also new guns at some moment, but not now.

And please I need help with my mod, I'm not interested in making this mod alone. At all!!!!

What I'll need to make this mod

-Somebody who's good with good orchestra like music
-Somebody who knows how to make new guns, and new vehicles (drive able like the stormtrooper mod)
-Somebody who knows how to modify weapons
-Intense mapper (like the video games official maps)
-If anybody even knows how to do particles (for blood, explosives and other types of particles)
-And a good model maker for a E3 trailer, with insanely good graphics (like the trailer to Halo 4 how the graphics are nice and perty-type, but gameplay has a little more unrealistic graphics)

We need that


And may the force be with you!!!

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