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I took a little time off from working on this, but now I'm back to it. Also a recent change in the EDuke32 engine dev now allows for Lua scripts to be added in.

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I was slightly tempted to start with a new engine, and a new direction, but decided against it. Also found out the EDuke32 now can use Lua, which will make some things easier to handle.

While theres not too many complex things I need to do code wise, the biggest hassle will most likely be setting up a usable communication system between NPCs and players. Matching that of classic RPG style, where a text box appears and waits for player input to read on. Multiple choice questions will also be nice to have to steer parts of the game story.

Map wise, the first Terra map is nearly finished and the first space station as well, but I've set those aside to finish up the highway map and flooded city maps.

The highway zone features a gas station, dam and submerged tunnel. The map is connected with the first Terra map and the flooded city map which is located south west of it. There a few extra areas I want to add to this later on, but with the map connected and some water sectors done, I'm spending more time on the more complicated flooded city.

The flooded city map uses a combo of classic water sectors and true rooms over rooms. I've started added a few TROR areas in places that are mostly for decor, like shallow waters along a beach front, or park ponds and the likes. TROR is being mostly used in the buildings that are flooded, since some of them are half submerged, a few interiors will have half flooded rooms that you'll slosh around.

Another thing I need to tackle is adding some water based enemies for lurking in the depths, and some generic corpses for detailing the interiors of flooded buildings. Currently I've added some modified models for things like, computers broken and fallen to the floor, floating chairs and knocked down chairs.

I'm planning on adding a second state for standard chairs that will make them fall on their back before you attack destroys them.

One problem I am having is that I haven't found a way to have the engine figure out if you or an enemy is shooting an object, this is kind of a problem since you will get blamed for them attacking/destroying 'owned' objects. I figure I should fix this before I add the murder/assault penalty, don't want the bad guys framing you for mass destruction and civilian murder.

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