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Upcoming updates, some new changes, new ideas, etc.

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Yes, I'm back; no, I'm not dead. After an extended vacation (and the release of HotS) modding was postponed for a long period. However, new changes are upcoming, with the release of v. 0.9 hopefully soon. Until then, here are a few changes being considered:


- reintroduced with a new concept
- early game support unit
- Defiler Mound requires Spawning pool
- Attack deals Concussive damage (better against light/massive units)
- Passive ability: Provokation
- "Enemy units will prioritize this unit as a threat and will attempt to destroy it first."
- Mid- to Late-game abilities
- Plague, Ensnare, and Consume (separate upgrade from Queen) granted to Defiler - all require Hive tech to research except Ensnare, requiring Lair tech

- Abilities: Consume (separate upgrade from Defiler), Spawn Broodling, Parasite, Dmg ability (?)


- loses Maelstrom
- stunning mech and bio units has great potential, but too overpowered for such low-tier unit
- grant EMP (?, late game), snipe (research requires Factory)
- New structure required to produce Spectres and upgrade

- New ability: Omega Beam
- Yamato-like ability dealing 4000 Explosive dmg from 15 range
- Costs 250 E
- Can one-shot all but heroic units
- Charge time ~10s


- Granted Maelstrom (?)

These are some changes being considered at the moment. Over the course of the next week or so some changes will be finalized, others discarded, and perhaps a few new updates before the release of the next version of SotEF.
Also, a campaign series is underway and may be ready for v.0.9.0.

Questions or suggestions? Leave in the comments below. Thank you~

== NGsShadow ==

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