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So it's been a couple of years, but I'm not dead. Stuff happened, life happened and Battlefield 2142 happened....

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First things first, I'm hitting reset on this mod.

Some of the concepts and ideas are going to change (game engine etc...). I've started working on the mod again.

A bit of history:
I stopped working on the conquerors because a perfect storm occurred in my life, I got married, I moved countries and battlefield 2142 was announced. The game play of Bf2142 was too similar to the concepts I had been throwing around and I felt I would be dismissed as unoriginal and a copy of 2142. Getting married and moving to Canada was a big deal and sadly I lost the original models from the screen shots above (curse you lost flashdrive *shakes fist*).

To conclude, this mod is getting a second chance. The story and background will be adjusted to accommodate the mod I am envisioning.

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