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Recently started working again. Made some successful and promising progress!

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So, if actually anyone watched this modification or wondered why there was no progress, here is a little Q&A Post:

Where have I been?

Well I always was there but due to lack of interest, time and being busy with school, I halted the development for some time, hoping I could tease some of you with what I call an alpha-release of what could be.

What is new?

Since I took some time off, I even here and there worked on some units. I finished some equipment like gondorian Shields. Furthermore, I added the Fountain or Tower Guards to replace the Pikemen. Next, I decided that I use the Royal Guard as Knights, who I (with shields) also completed. Then I thought about the concept of the Heroes again and decided about those as following:

  • Arthur as Theoden (Done)
  • Lancelot as Eomer
  • Bedevere as Boromir (Done)
  • Gareth as Faramir (Done)
  • Galahad as Aragorn

Rest is open.

How will the game be balanced?

Their Stats WILL be changed, Right now the Knight aswell as the Swordsmen have been reduced noticeably in stats but also everything else is kind of newly balanced, the Pikemen as Towerguards are considered as the new Elite Troop but they have a new price of course. I'd really like to offer a new experience to the whole game. Archers gain additional Armour and are more endurable but will cost much more to consider lowering of Archer spamming. Macemen are sort of free as their maces aswell as leather armour will be granted free to trade and will cost less money to encourage evil players more to use these units. Men-At-Arms will be considered faster and cheaper but less endurable, their lances will be free aswell!

I also started to experience with changing Buildings, but results were a bit too grave :D

See the screenshot section for everything new!

And also, ask anything your heart desires! I shall also tutor those, who are willing to learn!

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