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we are not dead to make you know.

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Hello Again,

because there are no updates it doesn't mean the mod is dead.

Where the heck have you been?

Life problems you know college and alot of other stuff you know.

Well as you said you can't use the new source sdk (2013) :

well yes and no.. i've planned to use the half-life 2 code to have a nice mix of things from the old and the new.

What sdk will you use and how are you going to add half-life 1 npcs?

Source sdk base 2013 community edition which will have :

cascaded shadow mapping,some great shaders and particle effects.

i will code the npcs in the game.

what about map edits?

forget the map edits.

Not anymore with half-life 2 sdk this will be a piece of cake to do.

So i assure you development will start next week.

Be wise Be safe Be Aware-Dr.Breen


Gamer Dude


Listen Why Won't You Release It Now I'ts Been So Long

I Was working On Mod And Canceld the name of the mod was HL2 HMOD And

its had tomany problems it had missing textures i worked with 5 people's

And We worked on It for 3 years but doesn't matter anymore its gone the mod is dead

but hey Your mod is better then the mod we were making

nice mod

good luck gamer dude

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